Visible 24/7: Luminescence for Every Occasion

    Visible 24/7 Colors
    Visible 24/7 Colors

    When darkness falls, it dampens visual perception: the human mind turns to security and gravitates towards the light. Dark or low-light conditions can bring about an immensity of troubles: some, minor inconveniences like misplacing a set of keys; others life-threatening. Technology has helped alleviate man’s fear of the dark and continues to evolve.

    By John Tapley

    Enter Visible 24/7 Group: a designer and manufacturer that produces long-lasting photoluminescent components and products under the Visible 24/7 line. Visible 24/7 is based out of the U.K. – under one of the world’s most iconic fonts of light: Big Ben.

    Visible 24/7 products cover a wide, colorful spectrum of uses from the everyday to more specialized interests. Domestic products include brightly lit house numbers and lock and light switch markers for navigating a home environment in dark conditions. Visible 24/7’s personal care line, FINDatNIGHT, offers bright markers for locating important items, and includes bands for inhalers, a glasses mat, and personal care markers that can fit a variety of items from pillboxes to first aid kits. Smaller, though no less convenient, products include coasters, phone covers and markers, and markers for general household and handheld objects.

    Visible 24/7’s products are not confined to household use. Outside the homestead, the luminescent technology shines in full display through watch dials and straps, which have been meticulously designed for style, comfort, and utility. Outdoor adventures, such as hiking, boating, fishing, and scuba diving, can be challenging once the sun sets; Visible 24/7’s Outdoor Leisure line helps sweep away the darkness. Products in this category include the multipurpose X-Marker for smaller items such as keys and knives; a torch (flashlight) band; and markers for boxes and equipment, such as boat deck lockers. The company also produces brand protection devices to help prevent theft and fraud.

    All Visible 24/7 products are designed with the environment in mind and are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and are designed for international safety standards; products are made durable for years and are not single-use.

    Visible 24/7 was founded by designer Chris Hall, who yearned to improve photoluminescent technology when applied to plastics. Hall, who had experience working with these materials, identified problems with older “glow in the dark” products: limited color palettes and low glow performance being key issues. Hall sought a better solution: one that would capture vibrant luminescence and in turn, apply it to a wider variety of items and interests.

    After successfully meeting with investors, Hall formed Visible 24/7 Group in late 2010 as a hard-tech, R&D, manufacturing and design group. Visible holds the proprietary intellectual property, including “end-to-end” proprietary formulations, machinery, and manufacturing processes: it produces its own plastic and rubber compounds and shapes these materials into products in-house.

    Says Hall on Visible 24/7’s mission and its powerful luminescence:

    “The group now produces materials that deliver on the initial vision i.e. that can be visible for the whole 24 hours of the day. To be more precise, materials that have bright colors in lit conditions and are visible in complete darkness for over 12 hours (after having been exposed to sunlight or artificial light for a few minutes). Being pedantic, that does not mean that they are visible for the same period in all semi-light conditions where ambient light will overpower the emitted photoluminescence!”

    Visible 24/7 works with globally supplied brands and enhances them with its myriad applications, whether through directly modifying current products (such as watches) or creating new items to expand current produce lines (such as glowing house numbers).

    As the darkness grows, the light shines ever brighter. Visible 24/7 continues the progression of luminescent technology by highlighting older deficiencies – leading a bright path for safety, security, and style.

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    Visible 24/7 Group opened a relationship with the scuba diving industry: showcasing its product line at last year’s Diving Equipment Marketing Association (DEMA) show. It is currently working on a bright dive stick, the DiveX marker, and is seeking to develop further components and products for scuba diving applications. Look forward to a review on the DiveX marker in an upcoming edition of Scuba & H2O Adventures Magazine.