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UAC Shares Diving Diversity at Calgary Conference

Divescapes Conference and Exhibition by Alberta-Underwater Council Inspires

Article by Selene Muldowney & John Tapley

A beloved tradition for Albertan aqua explorers and friends abroad, the Divescapes Conference and Exhibition is continuing to share the wonders of the life aquatic with its latest iteration. Taking place October 19 to 21, 2018 at the Commonwealth Centre in NE Calgary, the show offers a diverse assortment of features and topics, ranging from gear exhibitions and presentations to workshops and meet-and-greets.

“This show helps to inspire people to go out and play!” exclaims Charlene Barker, member of the Divescapes committee. “It shares amazing stories that have changed peoples’ lives, and I hope, will get people away from their computers to go underwater: to explore and to have epic, epic adventures! Whatever[the]definitionof adventure is for that person.”

Scheduled throughout the three-day event will be speaker presentations from luminaries in the scuba diving world; representatives from a wide swath of subjects such as hyperbaric medicine, cave diving, videography, technical diving, and more. Presenters slated to appear include Natalie Gibb, Cristina Zenato, Richie Kohler, Sherri Ferguson, Jared Hires, Russell Clark, Teisha Stovel, Nick Lucey, and Keith Sahm. Between these presentations, guests will enjoy intermissions – time to meet with others.

At its core, the Divescapes Conference and Exhibition connects scuba divers under one roof: celebrating the diversity and endurance of the sport and its devotees. The occasion is managed by the Alberta Underwater Council (AUC): the province’snon-profit representative body forunderwater activities and stewardship of aquatic environments.

Barker shares:

“The AUC developed this show because the board of directors, years ago, would attend shows all over Canada and the US and have amazing experiences listening, meeting, and connecting with these speakers. [They] can be life changing moments [and] make these people real. It shows that you can do whatever you set your mind to! To dream and to explore and to live! Perhaps one day they can be the presenters!”

Lining the show floor will beexhibition booths sharing adventures in both local and exotic waters. Currently scheduled exhibitors include The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, dive travel agency Squba Holidays, dive center Aqua Sport, and charter operator Divers Den. Through silent auctions, visitors will also be able to take home apparel and equipment: prizes from companies such as DAN, Dive Rite, St. Mortiz, PADI, and Shearwater.

The Divescapes Conference and Exhibition 2018 is open to adventure seekers young and young at heart; from experienced divers to those who are still considering taking the plunge. For more details on this year’s show, including a full list of exhibitors and ticket information, visit www.divescapes.ca.