Time Concepts Offers Wide Mix of Dive Watch Brands at DEMA 2019

    Time Concepts

    The clock is ticking toward this year’s Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) show, slated for November 13 to 16 in Orlando, Florida. In perfect timing with one of the most prolific and celebrated scuba shows the world over, watch manufacturer Time Concepts, LLC will present four different collections of dive watches in four different watch brands, including its latest release, the women’s sport watch brand, Bia™.

    By John Tapley; photos courtesy Time Concepts, LLC

    Designed by longtime watch expert and former Luminox founder and owner Barry Cohen, who leads Time Concepts, these intricately crafted collections offer a diverse array of styles and configurations tailored for scuba divers, snorkelers, and water aficionados of all stripes. All four brands feature watches constructed from 316L stainless steel with screw-in crowns and case backs to ensure 200 meters (656 feet) of water resistance. All feature tight 120-click dive-timing bezels and have hardened K1 crystals for scratch resistance and durability.

    Cohen states:

    “Since we have four distinctly different collections of dive watches, we couldn’t think of a better audience to get in front of than the attendees at the DEMA show. With such a wide mix of collections in our brands, there are models that fit each and every dive enthusiast. With a wide array of watches featuring colors varying from basic neutrals to bold brights and even pastels, designs that run from contemporary to vintage styling, and available in sizes for both men and women – our watches have you covered!

    “All of our dive watches are rated to 200 meters water-resistant, and constructed with superior luminescent technology, making them easily readable in dark environments. Time Concepts works only with top quality factories, with most watches made in a dust-free temperature and humidity controlled clean-room environment, so you know you’re getting quality that will not fail, not to mention they are also on trend and beautiful timepieces.”

    Named after the iconic World War II figure Rosie the Riveter, the Bia™ Rosie Dive Series is designed to embolden and support women’s empowerment, with a portion of proceeds from sales going toward women’s causes and organizations. In collaboration with illumination technology producer Visible247, all Bia™ watch dials are packed with miniature light receptive crystals that store light energy, and if charged by just 10 minutes of light exposure will provide at least 10 hours of luminescence to enable reading time in complete darkness.

    “This is the advent of a cause brand for us at Time Concepts, as Bia was conceived specifically to support empowerment of women, a cause we fully believe in, with donations to women’s causes to be given with every watch we sell.” says Cohen. “This is our way to contribute to this movement by creating a cause brand that gives back to the movement – to help foster and sustain it.”

    Bia™ Rosie Dive Series

    Time Concepts’ official Hawaiian Lifeguard Association (HLA) watch honors the longstanding bravery and stewardship of its namesake, showcasing the association’s official colors (black, yellow, and red) with interchangeable straps. The HLA watch was presented at last year’s DEMA show, and since then, has undergone a few changes to be on trend.

    HLA Watch

    “The differences, from a year ago, are that we’ve downsized it to be in line with the ongoing trend toward smaller watches – the giant watch phase is over, thank goodness,” says Cohen. “We’ve downsized it from 44 to 42 millimeters. We’ve added new colors (with the use of red to accompany the black and yellow that already existed) so all theme colors of the brand are present – with yellow and red representing the difference between caution and danger in the realm of being a Hawaiian lifeguard. With easy on/off spring pins, one can change the look of their watch easily in seconds to arrive at a new look.”

    The Szanto ICON Shane Dorian Signature Series Watch recognizes the accomplishments of world-renowned surfer and sportsman Shane Dorian. A part of Time Concepts’ Szanto brand, this series was meticulously designed in conjunction with Dorian to withstand the technical demands of surviving in the big wave surf, and fits nicely with his passion for bowhunting.

    Szanto ICON Shane Dorian Signature Series Watch

    “This particular series melds two of his passions: one them being big wave surfing, which he is extremely well known for; the other is bow hunting,” states Cohen. “We’ve created a watch that we think fits well in both the water enthusiast space, and also in the hunting space.”

    “In an effort to pick up an outdoorsman and hunter theme, we built this collection using black but added hunter green, a color Shane is fond of and one that fits perfectly in the outdoorsman world,” he continues. “The rubber straps are are attached with easy on/off spring pins to allow for changing the black and green straps in just seconds to create different looks with one watch.” 

    Adding to the celebration of scuba diving and its detailed history is the Szanto Vintage Dive 5200, which features colors and themes of yesteryear, giving it a classic appeal.

    Szanto Vintage Dive 5200

    “We picked up the look of 1950s, high-end dive watches in the Rolex® realm – that type of throwback look,” says Cohen. “It’s beautifully made, and comes on waterproof leather straps that soften and mold to your wrist after getting wet, and will not crack (like conventional leather) after water exposure” says Cohen.”

    Representing vintage, honor, empowerment, and passion, the Time Concepts dive watch collections will be available for purchase at Booth #761, which will be shared by Visible247 and its range of luminescent products.

    Time Concepts, LLC was started by Barry Cohen after a 27-year career as founder, former owner and CEO of the Swiss-made watch company Luminox, responsible for making the official watch of the Navy SEALs, which established Luminox as a global brand in the 1990’s. Cohen launched Time Concepts as a platform to develop Private Label watches after receiving ongoing requests to develop watches for other brands or retailers, and later added their own Szanto (the Z is silent!) vintage brand and the Hawaiian Lifeguard Assn brand of dive watches, with Szanto ICONs, Bia, and 420Waldos added more recently. Time Concepts develops watches in Switzerland and Asia, and uses only top-quality manufacturers, with most watches manufactured in a dust-free, temperature and humidity controlled clean-room environment to ensure years of dependable service. For a full list of products and additional information on Time Concepts, please visit www.timeconcepts.net.