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Time Concepts Commemorates Ongoing Cannabis Reform with 420Waldos Brand

The 420Waldos watches

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Four-twenty is a number synonymous with cannabis use and culture, and over time has made its way into mainstream lingo. Cannabis users often consider April 20 to be a holiday, and the time itself, 4:20, carries a similar connotation; and, uniquely, this year’s tradition will take place in throughout all of April of 2020. While pro-cannabis organizations are making strides toward legalization and decriminalization in many parts of the United States, watch developer Time Concepts is celebrating this movement through a new brand released just in time for the holiday: the 420Waldos™.

By John Tapley

The 420Waldos brand is available in two series, the 41mm Bud (referencing the buds of the cannabis plant), and the 34mm Mary Jane (a common slang for cannabis). Both proudly display a cannabis leaf on their face, appropriately at the four-hour, 20-minute mark, as well as a second leaf emblazoned on their leather strap. Because of the strap material, the watches are not ideal for underwater use, but like other Time Concepts pieces, can be modified for form, function, and comfort by switching straps: an easy endeavor given the pieces’ on/off spring pin design. The 420Waldos are constructed from intricately crafted and tested components, making them scratch-resistant and suitable for all kinds of adventures, whether they be rugged or chilled out; and Japanese Quartz movements ensure the pieces never miss a tick. The watches have been developed with an inclusive, simple design, to appeal to a wider range of customers. Watch dials are further augmented by a high-quality illumination polymer courtesy UK developer Visible247, which provides a long-lasting, 10 hours of glow if exposed to just 10 minutes of a light source.

420Waldos mix shot

The new brand’s moniker is derived from The Waldos: five students attending San Rafael High School in Marin County, California in 1971, who coined the iconic “420” term. As the legend goes, the Waldos, a group of athletes, smoked cannabis after practice, around 4:20 in the afternoon, and today the term has become recognized throughout the world.

Cannabis reform throughout the United States has largely been a grassroots effort – no pun intended – and as Time Concepts contributed to women’s groups through the sales of its Bia watch brand, it will apply a philanthropic touch to the 420Waldos as well. Proceeds garnered from sales, at least five percent, will go to benefit US-based, pro-cannabis organizations Drug Policy Alliance and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Founder Barry Cohen recognizes the differing opinions on cannabis and cannabis reform, and lauds the movement for its emphasis on applying the plant to medicinal purposes:

“Much like with our Bia brand, we’ve recognized what doesn’t seem right in this world: certainly, women having to struggle for equal pay is one example. I started the Bia brand for that reason, and similarly, when I see what’s going on with cannabis (and we’re not advocating people become potheads), I think we realize on the medicinal side, there’s a lot of value in cannabis: it sometimes can seem like a panacea, and even if not, it clearly provides a great deal of relief to many people. Interestingly, I recently learned one of the biggest groups of people seeking this relief are veterans, a group that certainly deserves our support. … Now is the time to discuss the cannabis brand called 420Waldos since the annual cannabis holiday is upon us, although in the world of cannabis, every day is 420.”

420Waldos 3 night shot

The 420Waldos are currently available for purchase and sell for $150 each. For more details on these unique pieces, including ordering information, visit Time Concepts at timeconcepts.net.

Time Concepts, LLC was started in 2007 by Barry Cohen, during his 27-year career as founder, former owner and CEO of the Swiss-made Luminox watch company, responsible for making the official watch of the Navy SEALs, which established Luminox as a global brand in the 1990s. The company was established as a platform to develop Private Label watches after receiving ongoing requests to develop watches for other brands or retailers, and later added their own brands including Szanto vintage inspired watches, Hawaiian Lifeguard Association dive watches, and the recently launched Bia sports watch, that supports the women’s empowerment movement. Time Concepts develops watches in Switzerland and Asia, and uses only top-qualitymanufacturers, with most watches manufactured in a dust-free, temperature and humidity controlled clean-room environment to ensure years of dependable service. For a full list of products and additional information on Time Concepts, please visit www.timeconcepts.net