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The limitless possibilities of SCUBA

Amanda and Reagan enjoy snorkeling in Hawaii

By Selene Muldowney

Recently I was asked “Why SCUBA?” from a friend who hadn’t set foot in the ocean let alone a bathtub … in years. Ok maybe I exaggerate but it did lead me into a thoughtful discussion about diving. Really, we don’t need a reason to dive – we need reasons not to dive. Human beings are capable of exploring this magical place we call earth from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the ocean, but first, before we dive into the water we must bite down on a regulator, strap on a SCUBA tank and BCD then don our colorful masks. 

It is easy to forget the mysteries of this planet don’t stop at the beach or the white capped waves in the distant horizon, but when we peer through the SCUBA mask we see a different dimension, one that is alien to us yet teeming with life. This almost secret dimension exists in slow motion, mostly dark and strange, where creatures swim and creep through a thick and soupy substrate, gliding along the currents. 

SCUBA affords the eager explorer a vast array of differing biomes; from the tropical waters in south-east Asia to the ice cold diving in the Antarctica. There are currently over 230k species already discovered in the ocean, and it is expected that over half of the ocean has yet to be explored. Discovering the underwater world is truly an incredible experience. 

We have been so fortunate to work with a number of incredible writers, photographers, and underwater explorers over the years who have shared their SCUBA adventures with us. Sadly today we have to say goodbye to a dear friend and longtime contributor to the magazine, Barb Roy, who passed away in the company of her family after a long battle with cancer. Perhaps instead of saying goodbye we will wonder if she is exploring the ocean she loved so much. 

If you would like to share your memories of Barb Roy we would love to hear from you. Email us or Facebook us. If you have photos of Barb’s adventures please feel free to share them. May you all enjoy the underwater world and keep it safe one more day for the future generations. 

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