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Whale of a Tale: S.S Miraflores – Lost without a Trace,...

On February 19, 1942, in the darkness of the cold winter morning, the stealthy German submarine U-432 followed the silhouette of a lone freighter steaming north fifty-five miles east of Cape May, New Jersey. The order to man battle stations was relayed to the crew. On board the British steamer, most of the crew members were off duty, settled in their bunks sleeping in the early morning hours. The drone of the pounding steam engine was abruptly interrupted by the detonation of two torpedoes that slammed into the targeted ship. Within minutes the force of the sea drew the tortured hull to the sandy bottom. Thirty-four merchant sailors were lost without a word relating the circumstances of their deaths. Only a short entry in the German U-boat’s log had given a vague description of the victim with no name. Somewhere between New Orleans and New York, the S.S. Miraflores was reported missing after failing to reach her destination. Only a short Louisiana newspaper clipping noted the mystery. Miraflores had gone missing, lost without a trace.
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