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NOAA Launches Mission: Iconic Reefs with Partners

Groundbreaking Florida Keys Project Aims to Restore Seven Florida Keys Reefs The Florida Keys is one of the most...

Diving With a Purpose Preserves Maritime Heritage, Protects Coral Reefs

Celebrating 16 years in 2020 is Diving with a Purpose (DWP): a driven non-profit organization dedicated to conserving and protecting submerged heritage resources through...

U.S. Coast Guard Removes Oil from World War II Wreck Coimbra

The violence of war has taken an immeasurable toll on human civilization and has left deep scars on both the people that inhabit...

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: Turning the Tide

Divers who enjoy the coral reefs and shipwrecks in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are encouraged to participate as NOAA conducts its first comprehensive review of the sanctuary’s management plan, boundary, regulations, and marine zones. In the Florida Keys, the marine ecosystem drives the economy and the local way of life, bringing visitors to enjoy world-class diving and fishing, year-round warm temperatures, fresh seafood, and a truly unique culture. Approximately 60 percent of the jobs in the Florida Keys are connected the water and the resources within.

Flower Garden Banks Reports Latest Lionfish Invitational

plaguing southeastern United States and Caribbean waters. From June 10 to 13, trained volunteer divers and research partners, representing states from around the country, as well as Bermuda, participated in the fifth NOAA Lionfish Invitational: public events founded in 2015, which are designed to help stamp out the lionfish menace. During this period, lionfish catchers successfully removed 237 of the invasive species from NOAA’s Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary (FGBNMS), located off Galveston, Texas.

Action, Education, Research: The Texas Lionfish Control Unit

By John Tapley; photos courtesy Texas Lionfish Control Unit For years, waters along the southeastern United States have been besieged...

Flower Garden Banks Combats Lionfish through Invitational Cruise

Lionfish - invasive specieshappy huntersfish galoreAlex Fogg and Rachel Lynn show off their catch Voracious and...
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