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Diving the First Submarine Base in the United States

New Suffolk is a sleepy little hamlet tucked into a corner of the North Fork of New York’s Long Island and situated...

Wild Alaska: Diving Prince William Sound

“Hey, you guys need a lift?” By Eco-Photo Explorers Michael Salvarezza and Christopher P. Weaver Standing...

Completing the Circle: A Dive Safari Around the Philippines’ Mindoro Island

Now, as we stood on the hotel balcony at the Marco Vincent Dive Resort in Puerto Galera, Philippines looking out over the pool and watching the water sloshing back and forth, we understood what life is like here on this part of the Pacific “Ring of Fire”.

Plastisphere – Profile of an Artist with a Mission

Divers understand both the beauty of the underwater world and the fragility of the ocean’s ecosystems. One of the most insidious threats to life in the ocean and, indeed, on this planet is the massive introduction of plastics into the marine ecosystem. Plastic is designed to last hundreds of years or more and because of our affinity for single-use plastics, we are creating a veritable tsunami of trash. Over 8 million metric tons of plastic pollution finds its way into the world’s oceans every year, killing untold millions of marine creatures.

Shades of Blue: Diving the Central Atolls of the Maldives

Azure. Indigo. Turquoise. Aqua. Sapphire. Cobalt. There are seemingly innumerable shades of the color blue…and every single one of them seems to be on display in the Maldives! Standing on the deck of the Conte Max, the luxury Maldives liveaboard that was to be our home for the next week, we gazed out across a patch of the South Male Atoll and tried to count the different shades of blue we could see. We stopped at seven…not because we couldn’t count more colors but because the ship’s bell had rung, indicating it was time for the next dive briefing.
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