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DCDiveShow Launches Guest Line Up for Polar Regions Presentation

In recognition of the world’s climate changing, particularly how these changes affect oceans and polar ice caps, the DC Dive Show will focus on polar regions during its featured presentation. Scheduled for Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 2pm EST, the exploratory showcase will feature two of scuba diving’s most prolific polar explorers, who have explored the region for many years: Jill Heinerth, who was the first diver to cave dive within an iceberg; and Amos Nachoum, the first to photograph polar bears from underwater.

Clearwater UW Veterans Memorial Honors Service, Promotes Local Diving

By John Tapley; photos courtesy Heyward Mathews On August 5, scuba divers, members of the Pinellas County community, and...

S.A.F.E.: A Helping Hand to the Underwater Experience

S.A.F.E. is a non-profit organization connected to and named after Scuba Adventures for Everyone, LLC (SAFE), a PADI dive center owned and operated by Kleier and located in Hillsboro, Oregon. The center is equipped with a private classroom and large pool facility specifically designed to accommodate adaptive divers with specific needs: people with PTSD or on the autism spectrum; amputees and people assisted with wheelchairs.

Bugs and Beauty: Why we Dive the Channel Islands

Nestled in southwestern California, and straddling the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands is one of the United States’ most beloved, beautiful diving destinations. From San Miguel to the northwest, to San Clemente in the southeast, the island chain is renowned for its stunning displays of underwater life, made possible through lush kelp beds and unique geological playgrounds; combine these features with a strong natural bottom, and the result is a resplendent submerged menagerie filled with stellar attractions that urge scuba divers to return again and again. On its own, the Channel Islands makes for a superb addition to any recreational diver’s logbook, though each island (including individual recesses and swimthroughs) has its own distinct flavor worthy of another page; and when you get spectacular spiny lobster hunting, the attraction is manifold.

Big Dives in the Bluegrass State

Bordered between seven states, and straddling the lines between Midwest and southeast, Kentucky is a state known for many iconic features. Kentucky gave to the world the legendary boxing champion and activist Mohammed Ali; Colonel Harland Sanders and his closely guarded blend of 11 herbs and spices; Louisville Sluggers; Ale 8; legendary pioneer Daniel Boone. It’s a land formed and tempered by adventures of all sorts: connected by a trailblazing spirit, which still inhabits its sun-dappled foothills.

Minnesota Science Group Unveils the Mysteries of Sponges

Porous, amorphous, and harmless, sponges have been an integral part of Earth’s evolutionary system since their primordial beginnings hundreds of millions of years ago. Despite popular understanding, not all sponges are bound to pineapples under the tropical sea: from polar climes to brackish junctions to enclosed freshwater environments, sponges have spread throughout the entire globe. Freshwater types make up nearly 240 known species with 31 of these residing in North America; and a closer look reveals five types within Minnesota’s waterways. Monitoring, categorizing, and testing these specimens is the Minnesota Freshwater Sponge Project, which in recent months, has had great success confirming valuable findings of the past – and may be on to new discoveries in the future.

Action, Education, Research: The Texas Lionfish Control Unit

By John Tapley; photos courtesy Texas Lionfish Control Unit For years, waters along the southeastern United States have been besieged...

Dive Connections – Building a Community

Founded in July of 1998 and officially opened in October of the same year, Dive Connections of Charlottesville, Virginia is a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center (IDC), which provides a host of scuba diving services: bringing divers of all stripes and skill levels together.

LBTS and Ft. Lauderdale

When most people walk out their front door, it’s usually only as far as their driveway. Maybe they’ll walk to the mailbox on the corner, or to a neighbor to borrow a cup of milk. But for the folks in Lauderdale-by- the Sea (LBTS), a short walk takes you underwater—into the vibrant and dynamic world of South Florida’s beautiful coral reefs.

Dive Paradise Hits the Road with Legacy Tour

Last year, the global dive community inexpediently lost one of its most beloved members. Irene (Rene) Applegate, known affectionately as“Apple” to loved ones, passed in August 2017, leaving a longstanding legacy in the world aquatic – and in the hearts and minds of her friends and family. In honor of her accomplishments and strong rapport, her dive operation, Dive Paradise of Cozumel, Mexico, toured throughout the western United States this summer: sharing favorite moments and experiencing how she impacted scuba diving.
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