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Stand Up Paddleboarding: A Beginner’s Guide by Simon Bassett

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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) or Stand Up paddle surfing is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. It began as an offshoot to surfing – which incidentally started in Hawaii. The comparatively low cost, convenience of inflatable choices, and the get up and go makes this sport appealing. And like most sports, while the concept is easy to grasp, standing on a floating board may prove to be a bit challenging.

Review by Selene Muldowney

Simon Bassett started paddleboarding in 2006 in the United Kingdom when the sport had yet to catch on. As an avid water sports enthusiast, he wanted to share his newfound hobby and expand it. With only 10 known paddleboarders in his region, in 2007, he set up the British Stand Up Paddle Association (BSUPA) and started to develop a training program. Shortly after, the contests followed.

Bassett’s book, Stand Up Paddleboarding: A Beginner’s Guide, provides the perfect introduction to the sport: how to paddleboard, what kit to use and where to go. The book is merely 48 pages and yet its compact design is rather deceiving as it is packed with information. The slim and easy to follow instructions make the book extremely appealing. Each page is heavily illustrated with color photographs making it easy to understand and clear to follow. This guide is a first of its kind in the UK – solely focused on How-To-Paddleboard. Bassett guides you through launching, the correct stance, paddling in a straight line, the different types of turns and landing. You learn how to choose your board and paddle, inflate and deflate an inflatable board as well as weather, safety, maintenance and repair of your equipment.

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Wondering what you can do with a paddleboard – aside from standing on it? Bassett also

covers the main types of paddleboarding: touring, racing, surfing, yoga, and fitness. As with all sports, a little bit of knowledge and technique makes the experience so much more enjoyable!

Published by Fernhurst Books as a paperback and eBook, Stand Up Paddleboarding: A Beginner’s Guide will be available online and in bookshops. Can’t wait? You can buy it direct from www.fernhurstbooks.com.

So if you all don’t mind, I am heading out to grab my paddle and board, and now armed with great techniques, hitting the water! Let’s hope I can balance as beautifully as Bassett.