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Springing Forward, Paying it Forward


By John Tapley

With spring finally here, dive communities throughout the western hemisphere are prepping for the prime time of the year: as temperatures warm and winter doldrums disappear, local divers are electrified with a sense of wonder and excitement for the watery worlds around them. This fervor is shared by people who are just starting their dive journeys, and those who have many seasons under their belts: whether enjoying a breezy afternoon or plunging into an age-old shipwreck.

Running alongside this excitement is the work and tireless efforts of scuba diving centers, clubs, and organizations who mold and shape their local waterways for the better: offering services and trips, serving as a meeting place for likeminded people, or opening up a world of healing and growth to those who need it. Organizing the many facets that go into these programs is no small feat, and as spring quickly leads into summer, dive institutions are often swarmed by a swath of challenges.

This edition of Scuba H2O Adventures Magazine is dedicated to those who pay it forward by enhancing scuba diving not just as a sport, but as a lifestyle. This month, we have covered organizations who have made big waves both in their own backyard and thousands of miles away; and from these waves come ripples, which impact an innumerable amount of people for the better.

In sharing these stories of challenges and triumphs, we hope to inspire dive communities around the world to spring forward – pay it forward. Reef building projects, educational facilities, driven events, and non-profit organizations are just a few highlights from an active and engaged community.

As summer looms closer in North America, we are excited to cover more stories from dive communities, and we encourage our readers to share what’s happening in their neighborhoods. Lake cleanups to long-reaching charity projects, we unveil these accomplishments and honor those who make it possible.