Scuba-Clause’s – Ten Wish List Items

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    Scuba-Clause” is all about safe and enjoyable diving in 2020. He knows many divers have gear so old it could be featured on a Alec Peirce “Vintage Scuba” video. For divers looking to use the newest gear or for truly useful scuba gifts from a loved one, these ideas are sure to please any diver.

    1. Dive Computer:

    Either air-integrated or wireless connected, time to retire your hand-cranked 3-gauge dive console for a new dive computer. Compact, comfortable, bright colour displays, integrated batteries, downloadable logs. Both types have air pressure monitoring for effortless dive time monitoring. Most hose connected models are detachable for separate packing. Let your diving be enjoyable and safe with one of these quality suggestions:

    Suunto Cobra Black

    Air Integrated:

    • Atomic Aquatics: Cobalt 2
    • Sherwood: Wisdom 4
    • Suunto Cobra 3


    • Oceanic: OCi
    • Shearwater Research: Perdix
    • Suunto: Eon Steel
    Oceanic- OCi
    • Take a Dive Trip

    Having the newest gear hang in a closet does not make you a better diver. Book a trip through your local dive shop, club or a scuba travel specialist for a trouble free trip. Take your spouse, friend or go single and meet new divers from around the world. Try the Caribbean for a first close trip and work up to a Truk Lagoon or an Alaska ice diving adventure. Start a bucket list of locations and even if it takes 1 to 2 years to plan, the experience will fill logs books of stories.

    • Weight Integrated BCD: Jacket or Wing

    Finding your weight belt getting shorter and lower as more lead is added year after year? Try a weight integrated BCD that is comfortable with many options for weight distribution to keep you trimmed properly. Pick the traditional jacket style or try a wing model.

    • Kraken Double Hose Regulator

    Want a new regulator that stands out on a dive boat? The Kraken double hose regulator has an attractive vintage appearance with the 21st century performance and features. A balanced diaphragm, 2 stage environmentally isolated to insure absolute reliability in all weather and water conditions. Effortless, natural breathing characteristics plus all the HP and LP ports you need. Perfect for video, photographers or anyone wanting exhaust bubbles away from their face.

    • Nautilus Lifeline

    Today’s diver regularly travel the world to fulfil bucket-list dreams and many times to out-of-the way locations. If your safety conscious or want to assure a loved one, get a Nautilus LifeLine Radio that puts safety into the hands of everyone in, or on the water. Nautilus LifeLine Radio is depth rated to 425 feet (cap closed) and is a very simple, but incredibly clever way to call or send a distress message to boats around you up to a demonstrated range of 34 miles and works everywhere in the world.

    • DAN Membership and Dive Accident Insurance:

    DAN is Divers Alert Network, the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety for over 30 years. DAN introduced scuba diving accident insurance to help cover the cost of treatment for scuba diving injuries. For the individual recreational diver and family or as a professional instructor, DAN has insurance packages and protection for every diver.

    • Replace Your Mouthpiece

    Ever looked at the mouthpieces of your fellow divers? Many look-like props from horror movies: yellowed, missing tabs, leaking, jaw fatique, yuck. Replace yours with a clean, comfortable, custom fit SeaCURE. The SeaCURE is custom molded to your individual mouth for a truly comfortable fit with maximum retention. Takes 30 seconds in hot water to mould it.

    • Dive Travel Bag

    Having traveled around the world, I regularly see divers using old hard sided suitcases and hockey gear bags that break, rust or don’t collapse down. Airline bag requirements are tight for size and weight so lighten your travels with a new roller bag or carry on roller bag.

    • Akona CHELAN Light Roller Bag, 8 pounds
    • Akona ADB287 Less Than 7 lbs. Carry-On Roller Bag
    • Flex Hoses

    Make 2020 the year to replace those old, stiff rubber hoses with light weight, flexible and colourful flex hoses. Make your regulator easy to find with

    1. Water Activated Marker Light With NO Batteries

    The “Innovative 500” hour water activated flashing marker light uses no batteries or disposable glo-slicks. A flashing blue, red or green light turns on when wet, off when dry.