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Saying goodbye is the beginning of saying hello to a new year and a new you!


December marks the end of the year as we say goodbye to 2018 and consider everything we have accomplished. Did the year seem to pass in a flash? It is really hard to believe I am sitting at my desk writing the last publisher’s note for 2018.

In the past year we have experienced an incredible diversity in content, people, community, and business while taking on the challenge of being the new publisher and transforming our magazine into a truly community-based publication that works to promote you and what matters to you. It seems everyone is happy as we move toward our goals for the magazine and our membership, we love the feedback and for connecting with us!

We have seen an exponential growth in the distribution and readership of our magazine – which is amazing but really isn’t what blew us away! It isn’t the scale of the readership but the impact we have seen on readers, businesses, and the community. Every day we learn about the incredible things people are doing – from rebuilding reefs, working with young women to learn scuba, traveling across the globe, engaging others to join in a fight to save their waterways and the marine animals who also rely on that water, to giving veterans a breath of life and purpose.

Our readers and members are all tied together not only by water but the air we breathe and the water we love so dearly. They don’t talk about their job promotions, dangerous missions to rescue trapped divers, countless hours training others, being scuba santa for charity, acceptance of loss, and navigating life in general – we do that because we want to tell your story, so it may encourage others to be better citizens and stewards of this earth.

For our business partners and members, we strive to be your secret weapon. We want to share your stories – keeping it real and staying honest in a time when journalism has seen a shift to click bait articles and half-truths. Marketing your business with us means more than an ad – it means interaction and telling your story, so people learn more about you, your business and passions.

In the end – our members and the movement they have fueled through sharing and improving effective partnerships and building healthy communities – are stronger and more resilient.

We would like to wish all of our readers and members a very Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. We are excited for what 2019 has in store for us all.