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It is time we stop trying to save the environment and start thinking about ourselves

Publishers note - Girl in the Green

By Scuba H2O Mag Publisher – Selene Muldowney

Calls to save the planet and all living beings ring out across the land; alarms blaring as we watch the ice melt, the loss in biodiversity, chemical contaminations, and a planet coughing in protest. Time to look at ourselves and come to terms with the reality that the environment is not out there but within all of us. The concept of environment is challenging to humans, it implies that environment is a tangible thing apart from us and surrounding us, which is further from the truth. Humans are not isolated facets of this environment, instead we are interconnected within this environment engaging from micro cellular to viral and biological; we are the environment.

It is time we decide to protect ourselves and by doing so we will ultimately save this planet from self-destruction transforming our need to protect an external non tangible concept to one of self-interest. This shift in thinking can alleviate humans from the constant bickering about who and what has caused the decline of our “environment’s health” to a more holistic approach of our personal value and health – we all ultimately want the same thing – to live.

Sure, we would also need to have a shift in cultural values – but we can start somewhere.

Selene Muldowney