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FEIFISH: Unique, Handcrafted Jewelry

feifish fish offers unique hand crafted jewelry

By Selene Muldowney

Life is too short to wear mass produced jewelry.

Inspiration in life can come from a haunting song, a warm breeze caressing your face, or a treasured piece of jewelry. Inspirational jewelry evokes feelings of peace, joy, and love as artisans throughout the years have built pieces forged from iron and carved of stone, embedded with crystals and gemstones.

FEIFISH (pronounced fay-fish), inspired by nature, from tranquil forests to the boundless oceans, offers fun, creative, and unique jewelry in a vast array of designs. These whimsical pieces draw from the sea, coastal resorts, animals, and landscapes; find adorable sea otters hanging from beaded bracelets or an octopus clinging to a necklace. 

With a rich background in pursuits and interests, Wenlee, founder and jewelry designer, has utilized her skills and creativity to develop unique handcrafted jewelry. The beautiful pieces are designed with a wide variety of original safe pewter charms, eco-friendly recycled glass, and semi-precious stones. The pieces are all lead and nickel-free, designed and crafted in the United States.

Adorn yourself with natural beauty as each stone captures the vibrant colors of the season and whispers of memories fill your thoughts. Let your mood and personality show each day as you adorn yourself with a delicate necklace on Tuesday, dangling earrings on Thursday, and then vibrant bracelets on the weekend. The subtle and vibrant colors come together in a refreshing palate providing a unique and distinctive piece of jewelry. 

Incorporate some sparkle in your life with FEIFISH handcrafted jewelry. 

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Check out “In the Wave” necklaces:

ITW Whaleshark and ITW Octopus : part of the “In the Wave” Necklaces. They are full stainless steel pendants, necklace, and clasp. Pendants measure 2-inches wide, necklaces are 18-inches.

New to FEIFISH: Tile Art: While you cannot adorn your body with FEIFISH’s newest collection you can make a bold statement on your walls!  Each one is a real porcelain tile, designed with semiprecious stones and a pewter charm.