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Diving into History on Hiatus

Erik Petkovic

Recently our regular contributor Erik Petkovic, who has written the Dive into History with Erik Petkovic series for several months, suffered an injury and is currently scheduled for surgery. As such, his next column, Dive Into History Part Six, will be delayed as he recovers.

Erik’s series details the ins and out of maritime history research in a comprehensive, detailed manner. His column’s focus on research methodology, coupled with information that can assist anyone interested in general research and investigation, has been a welcome addition to our monthly publication.

We appreciate Erik sharing his deft writing talents with us and helping us promote our magazine to his local dive community and with people he meets in his travels. Erik is an accomplished historian, shipwreck researcher, and technical diver 20 years strong, and we value his expertise and dedication.

Please join us in wishing Erik a swift recovery.