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The Journey of a Concrete Ship: From Breakwaters to Reefs

Sometime not so long ago the ocean carried a fleet of ships built mostly of concrete. Wood was the preferred medium for ship building for centuries until the late 19th century when ship manufacturing converted to the use of sheet steel. While sheet steel was the go to material for many years it became scarce during the first World War. This is when ship builders turned to using steel reinforced concrete, which uses less refined and easier to obtain steel reinforcing bar.

Haigh Quarry: The Caribbean of the Midwest

By John Tapley Nestled within Kankakee, Illinois, Haigh Quarry is an acclaimed inland scuba location enjoyed by scuba...
A juvenile Porkfish

A Bridge (Not) Too Far: Diving Florida’s Blue Heron Bridge

The history of the Blue Heron Bridge is interesting, but not nearly as fascinating as the underwater ecosystem that thrives below it.

Isle Royale Charters: Meet Ryan Staley

Launching from Grand Portage, Minnesota is Isle Royale Charters: one of Lake Superior’s most recognized charter operators. Specializing in sharing Lake Superior’s fine diving, Isle Royale Charters has been an established business for decades and offers underwater opportunities for both recreational and technical divers.
Thank you team LIDA for a fantastic LIDA film Festival!

From Montauk to Breezy Point Brooklyn – LIDA’s GOT IT COVERED! Long Island Dive...

Hat’s Off to Barry Lipsky and the whole Long Island Dive Association leadership team -- again this year – for an inspiring, informative, fun,...

Hidden Gems: Southern Oregon Coast’s Comradery of Divers

I’m sitting on The Sarge, headed out to the Charleston Jetty. On the boat is Eric and Sherry Trapp, husband and wife...

Amos Nachoum: “Follow Me – Acharai” to …. Big Animals !

Amos might object to the following because he is a rough and tumble ‘big animal’ kind of guy (not a nudibranch guy), but we will say it anyway… he is a teacher. Most of us understand that apex predators are not mindless killers looking to create misery and death, and we believe that they will not indiscriminately attack anything that moves just for the enjoyment of it. Amos proves this to us by diving/venturing into their spaces, both topside and underwater, and documenting his experiences with them. He stakes the position – by swimming outside the cage with white sharks – that we must respect natural law and be aware of animals’ predatory behavior. His discussion also covered the use of underwater equipment – specifically the use of the 50mm lens which yields correct ‘normal’ angle of view, so as to not distort the relative size of animals. His many resulting head-on images of ‘smiling’ white sharks - with their fearsome, serrated triangular teeth - are nothing less than electrifying. He thinks creatively about species behaviors, seeks unusual angles and situations, and then he and his team of Sherpas or porters or local Inuit or local fixers – relying on their instinctive knowledge and animals’ ways and means, goes out and gets the shots. It is important to understand that his images frequently capture behaviors for the very first time in human history!

John Hargrove: Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

The LIDA 2019 Film Festival

On Saturday, February 9, 2019, the New York area dive community will once again convene on the campus of Hofstra University in Hempstead, New...

Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley Resurfaces: Reaching Out Across Time and Space

H.L. Hunley and H.L. Hunley exhibit at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center
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