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AES SCUBA Program Inspires The Next Generation of Divers

Citrus County, Florida is well recognized in the scuba diving world for its strong, driven community, which has fervently promoted good environmental stewardship and...
Making a new friend underwater

Desert Diving in Sin City

When you think of Las Vegas, several colorful expressions come to mind: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”
Thank you team LIDA for a fantastic LIDA film Festival!

From Montauk to Breezy Point Brooklyn – LIDA’s GOT IT COVERED! Long Island Dive...

Hat’s Off to Barry Lipsky and the whole Long Island Dive Association leadership team -- again this year – for an inspiring, informative, fun,...
Project Komodo

Project Komodo©: Leaving Nothing Behind

The vitality of the world’s oceans is in peril: ocean acidification has devastated sea star populations; mounds of swirling trash – gyres – have...
Craig Cook

DAN Welcomes Craig Cook, M.D., To Its Board of Directors

Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) is pleased to announce that Craig Cook, M.D., has joined its board of directors. Cook specializes in anesthesiology, undersea and...
A juvenile Porkfish

A Bridge (Not) Too Far: Diving Florida’s Blue Heron Bridge

The history of the Blue Heron Bridge is interesting, but not nearly as fascinating as the underwater ecosystem that thrives below it.
Manatees of Crystal River - by Mike Engiles

Florida’s Perfect Environmental Storm: The Complex Balance of Biodiversity and Sustainability – Part II:...

This article is the first part of a series covering a controversial subject with a number of differing positions on the cause, effect, and...
The Discovery - Isle Royale Charters

Isle Royale Charters: All Aboard the Discovery

Nestled in the northern Midwest United States, Lake Superior boasts a plethora of submerged opportunities for recreational and technical divers...

Adaptive Diving with A-1

Scuba diving is a sport recognized worldwide for its freeing environment, which is especially empowering for individuals with disabilities: adaptive divers. Encapsulated...

Wild Alaska: Diving Prince William Sound

“Hey, you guys need a lift?” By Eco-Photo Explorers Michael Salvarezza and Christopher P. Weaver Standing...
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