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Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: Turning the Tide

Divers who enjoy the coral reefs and shipwrecks in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are encouraged to participate as NOAA conducts its first comprehensive review of the sanctuary’s management plan, boundary, regulations, and marine zones. In the Florida Keys, the marine ecosystem drives the economy and the local way of life, bringing visitors to enjoy world-class diving and fishing, year-round warm temperatures, fresh seafood, and a truly unique culture. Approximately 60 percent of the jobs in the Florida Keys are connected the water and the resources within.

Flower Garden Banks Reports Latest Lionfish Invitational

plaguing southeastern United States and Caribbean waters. From June 10 to 13, trained volunteer divers and research partners, representing states from around the country, as well as Bermuda, participated in the fifth NOAA Lionfish Invitational: public events founded in 2015, which are designed to help stamp out the lionfish menace. During this period, lionfish catchers successfully removed 237 of the invasive species from NOAA’s Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary (FGBNMS), located off Galveston, Texas.


October is a month that bridges the residual warmth from September and the chilly conditions brought on by November. For many scuba divers, depending on locality, it marks the end of thebusy dive season: transitioning into winter before the electrified energy of diving returns full swingin spring. Florida, with its consistently balmy and warm temperatures, both above and in the waters, is a lauded destination during these colder months. REEF Fest 2019 invites visitors of all ages to celebrate all things ocean from October 17 to 20, opening warm, watery worlds within southern Florida.

The 3Rs: Exploring SoCal’s Near-Shore Public Safety Program

Scuba diving is a thrilling sport that pushes participants past their limitations, unveiling a captivating environment few experience. Pursuing these submerged zeniths is not...

World’s First Scuba GS Troop Continues to Achieve

Last year, we at Scuba H2O Adventures Magazine covered Girl Scout Troop 40348 of Central Texas: the world’s first scuba diving girl scout troop....

Scuba Diving for Life: Dive Hope Returns for 11th year

“The more we can do this, the more it brings to diving,” adds Jeff. “Hopefully down the road we can take it from Dive Hope to foundations that help promote stopping shark finning and other things: trying to get divers involved to do more.”
Save Our Leatherback Operation (SOLO)

S.O.L.O. and Project Komodo©: Answering the Call

S.O.L.O.’s dedication to protecting delicate leatherback sea turtles and their fragile environments took root in 2003 when photographer Dr. Larry McKenna learned of the creatures’ plight: its species was on the brink of extinction.

Howe Sound Sponge Reefs

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s has finally announced the protection of 8 new protected areas in Howe Sound British Columbia, that...

Crystal River Watersports Receives Guardian Guide Designation

Crystal River Watersports received designation on February 11 as a Guardian Guide under a new program established by Save the Manatee Club and the...
Kathy Weydig

DAN Board Chair Kathy Weydig Selected as Beneath the Sea Diver of The Year

Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) congratulates Captain Kathy Weydig, the chair of its board of directors, for being selected as Beneath the Sea’s Diver of...
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