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Women in Scuba: The Business of Attracting Female Divers

Trying something new can be intimidating, much more so for women entering a traditionally male dominant sport: scuba diving. Though talented and ambitious women still face challenges their male counterparts do not face in sports, they now have greater access to new opportunities than in previous generations, in part, due to the trailblazers before them.

Cameras and Conservation: Rhode Island’s Pelagic Adventures

Bringing Rhode Island’s sharks to the global limelight is Pelagic Expeditions: a cinematography and shark snorkeling and swimming adventure company out of Point Judith, nestled west of Narragansett Bay. Aboard a six-pack boat, the crew shares shark encounters up close and personal, opting to not use a traditional cage often used in similar operations. The freedom of seeing these majestic creatures in an open environment adds to the appeal, bringing parity between man and animal.

EFR/CPR Training by The Scuba Sports Club

In September members of The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester NY took training from Joe Rinaldi and Pat Considine in emergency first aid / CPR. Joe is a retired NY law enforcement officer, an MSDT (PADI MSDT Master Scuba Diver Trainer) and one step above that, an instructor at the PADI Instructor Development Center. Joe is also an Adjunct Professor at Iona College. Joe was assisted in training the students by Pat Considine, MSDT. Students included Tom Butcher,Cindy Fisher,Judy Simek, Bob Bak,James Sacci,Kenneth Salstrom, Gary Lehman and Helen Carapella.

The Diving in Alabama: Like a Box of Chocolates

From Kansas and the Wizard of Oz to Alabama and Forrest Gump, this is another journey guided by a famous movie story, known by millions of people. Alabama sits as the centerpiece to the southern states in America, bordering Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia.

New Venture: Coming Soon to Gulf Shores

Although Alabama has one of the smallest coastlines of any coastal state, it enjoys one of the best, most dynamic artificial reef programs in the country. Replacing breadth with depth, the Alabama Gulf Coast Reef and Restoration Foundation (AGCRRF) has made it their mission to sink artificial wrecks along the Alabama coast, particularly off Orange Beach, and is excited to announce its latest upcoming endeavor: the sinking of the New Venture.

Idaho: Land of Spuds, Springs, and … Scuba?

Fascinated by the ocean, Paul Melni, owner of AWOL Scuba and Kayak (a new watersports center located in Twin Falls) has carried his love of the sport to Idaho, where he showcases the state’s many offerings.

Streaming from Shore to Shore: Nautilus Live

For many scuba divers, their first introduction to the world beneath the waves came about at a young age and in a simpler time: glued to the television set, up-and-coming aqua explorers joined the adventures of Jacques Cousteau and his Undersea World, and the thrilling exploits of aquanaut Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt. Captivated by these explorations into unfamiliar territory, the youth’s imaginations sparked, leading into futures as aqua explorers, marine biologists, and maritime historians. In today’s world, three channels have been replaced by a myriad of options; and in turn, online streaming is rapidly overshadowing modern television.

Arkansas: Embark on Your Own Adventure Getaway

Arkansas is a place where your troubles melt away as you breathe in the warm air, your skin absorbing the sun’s gentle heat. The nearby Mississippi River the multitude of freshwater lakes filled to the brim with jumbo-sized fish; the stillness in the cool air as the sun rises in the horizon – going back to nature in this state is hard to escape. The river has marked the land, etching itself in the culture of eastern Arkansas. Regionally known as “the Delta” and stretching from Cairo, Illinois south the Gulf of Mexico, covers more than 15,000 square miles in Arkansas. The river’s legacy can be discovered in the region’s remnant wetlands and many oxbow lakes including Arkansas’s largest natural lake, while its impact on human history is evidenced in historic river ports such as Osceola and Helena.

NOAA Discovers New Wrecks in Thunder Bay

Since its official founding in 2000, the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary (TBNMS) has been a stalwart protector of shipwrecks located in Lake Huron within northeastern Michigan. Managed by NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries Program (NMSP), the sanctuary guards Thunder Bay’s treasured shipwrecks – from side-wheelers and steamers, this facility has protected nearly 120 historically significant wrecks, and has carried their significance for future generations to enjoy. On September 1, TBNMS Superintendent Jeff Gray formerly announced the discovery of two new vessels within its waters: adding to the already robust ensemble of submerged history.

The Divearium: An Evolution in Quarry Diving

Originally conceived in 2013, the Divearium “combines a diver training site and an underwater fauna and flora gallery/museum within a partially simulated aquarium environment”. Ultimately, it will serve as a multi-purpose facility where scuba divers will be able to learn and practice their skills while exploring an underwater venue unlike anything else they have experienced
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