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BTS Celebrates A World Underwater

When divers get together, it’s a time to celebrate a world they understand, and, through their actions, impart wisdom to future generations. One of the most acclaimed dive shows in the country, Beneath the Sea (BTS) will carry this drive in its 2018 year, slated to take place March 23 to 25 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. Boasting over 300 exhibitors, 79 seminars and workshops (eight per hour), and a wide range of programs aimed at all audiences, BTS shares the majesty and fragility of the world’s waters. The show inspires current divers to engage with the international dive community, showcases what beginners can expect as their adventures and careers take root, and plants seeds for the future of diving by organizing activities and programs tailored for adolescents and young adults. Special social events add to the weekend’s festivities, including opportunities to mingle with guests, and enjoy the world of scuba diving on the big screen.

Ohio Diving: History Below the Waterline from Vermillion to Ashtabula

There is a rich maritime history that lies beneath the surface of Ohio’s Lake Erie. The history associated with these shipwrecks reveals the role marine commerce played in the development of Ohio, the Great Lakes region, and our nation. The Great Lakes were once bustling with ships of all types and sizes. Lake Erie in particular was heavily traveled, as it connected the east with the mid-west at a time when railroad lines were short and roads were nonexistent. For cities like Buffalo, Cleveland and Detroit, Lake Erie was its lifeblood.

Washington Scuba Alliance Unveils Ongoing Improvement Projects

Since 1992, the Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA) has been committed to empowering waterways throughout the Evergreen State with scuba explorers in mind. A non-profit organization made up of experts in the community, WSA is a group always on the go: encouraging divers to try out their cold water neighborhoods while improving and establishing local dive destinations.
Save Our Leatherback Operation (SOLO)

S.O.L.O. and Project Komodo©: Answering the Call

S.O.L.O.’s dedication to protecting delicate leatherback sea turtles and their fragile environments took root in 2003 when photographer Dr. Larry McKenna learned of the creatures’ plight: its species was on the brink of extinction.

From the President’s Desk of Jim Trask, Washington Scuba Alliance

Happy New Year to all Northwest Divers! 2017 is fading in the rearview mirror and I want to reflect on what WSA accomplished last year. As most of you know we are now committed to creating nine new artificial reefs in our state as well as now working closely with the Department of Natural Resources in their creosote piling removal program and tire reef removal program. We have created from scratch a protocol for transferring sea life from the pilings and tires and giving them a new home near to their old homes. We have been successful with this effort and have shared our knowledge with the various government agencies and anyone else who finds they have to deal with this kind of project.

Second Annual Dutch Springs Expo Shares Education, Community Focus

Second Annual Dutch Springs Expo Shares Education, Community Focus Article By John Tapley and Photos By Gary Lehman

Central Indiana Diving: Hunting Quarries

Situated in the Midwest, the “Crossroads of America”, Indiana, is best known for basketball, the Indy 500, and miles upon miles of corn fields...

WUAA: Preserving Wisconsin’s Rich Diving History

When it comes to the world aquatic, Wisconsin is recognized as one of the premiere wreck diving destinations within America’s Midwest: boasting 55 wrecks...

John Hargrove: Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Howe Sound Sponge Reefs

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s has finally announced the protection of 8 new protected areas in Howe Sound British Columbia, that...
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