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Underwater Pumpkin Carving: Spooky, Spirited Scuba

With Halloween quickly approaching, scuba divers are raring and ready for one of their most favorite, and uniquely eccentric, fall activities: underwater pumpkin carving....

Indianapolis Scuba Museum: Diving Evolution on Display

Scuba diving institutions serve as a valuable hub for divers to congregate and learn more about their favorite sport, and in areas where diving opportunities are be limited, perform an instrumental service in encouraging people to explore the blue. One of these homebrewed institutions, the Scuba Museum of Indianapolis, shares the rich evolution of dive technology and culture through displays and exhibits that electrify the imagination while paying tribute to the past.

Cultivating Life and Developing Ecotourism with Grand Cayman Eco Divers

Often nicknamed the “rainforest of the sea” coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. There may be more than one million species inhabiting the coral reefs around the world. In many ways, they are akin to the rainforests, where many of the inhabitants have yet to be discovered. Unfortunately, coral reefs as we know them are dying and sadly their inhabitants are losing their homes. These fragile, yet vital ecosystems are under siege from a vast array of assailants including localized pollutants, global warming, invasive species, human carelessness, ocean acidification, and other aggressors. While many human inhabitants of our planet have been slow to respond to the problem or creating a mechanism of protecting these ecosystems, hope is within site: Grand Cayman.

The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester NY Dives into… National Geographic’s Encounter: Ocean Odyssey!

On November 18th, 2018 The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester NY launched the 2017 holiday season with a big expedition of members who sojourned into Manhattan NYC to experience the National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey exhibit. We all heard great things about the exhibit, and were so excited to attend together as friends, divers and avocational naturalists! Virtually all of us - at one point or other during our collective years – have been captivated by articles in National Geographic, and for two+ generations have enjoyed NatGeo television documentaries. These fired our interest in the undersea world, brought us to scuba diving, and ignited our environmental awareness. Hats off to National Geographic for incorporating continual technology advances. NatGeo has succeeded brilliantly integrating the public’s visual awareness (due to the internet/social media/BBC’s Blue Planet series, etc.) with multi-sensory experiences – way beyond two-dimensional print media -- into their mission! This exhibit certainly succeeded in that!
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Florida Dive Connection Launches 2018 Gear Demo Series

When divers go deep, the absolute splendor of underwater exploration comes to the fore: past shorelines and shallow lakes, divers thrill in discovering reaches that few people have even dreamed of.

The Clock is Ticking – Our Oceans are in a State of Decline

Editorial by Bonnie McKenna “Sitting in an auditorium at A.D.E.X. (Asian Dive Expo) in Singapore listening to people talk...
Kathy Weydig

DAN Board Chair Kathy Weydig Selected as Beneath the Sea Diver of The Year

Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) congratulates Captain Kathy Weydig, the chair of its board of directors, for being selected as Beneath the Sea’s Diver of...

Haigh Quarry: The Caribbean of the Midwest

Nestled within Kankakee, Illinois, Haigh Quarry is an acclaimed inland scuba location enjoyed by scuba divers the world over. Its fellowship to the local...

South’s Got Sunshine and No Cloudy Days – But WE GOT NYUPS, Larry Cohen,...

BCoastal southern states have warm blue water, pretty tropical fish, and comparatively easier diving - while we in the northeast have cold, green water...

VOA Inspires Vets On and Under Biscayne Bay

As scuba diving science has evolved over the years, so too has scuba technology for disabled, adaptive, divers. During this progression, diving has been...
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