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100th Anniversary of the Sinking of the cruiser USS San Diego : Findings of...

And now it can be told. An interdisciplinary team of ten US Federal agencies, the military, scientists and academicians collaborated on a two-year study of the wreck of USS San Diego on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its sinking, to determine definitely what happened that day. The study was undertaken in memory of the six sailors killed in the sinking. New technologies were employed in the study, including finite-element engineering modeling of the flooding and sinking timeline based on loads aboard the ship and interior compartmentalization, high density/definition photogrammetry mapping and side scan sonar analysis of the wreck, and underwater unmanned probes (AUV’s and ROV’s – autonomous underwater vehicle and remote-operated vehicle) equipped with laser beams to measure the structure.

Crystal River Watersports Receives Guardian Guide Designation

Crystal River Watersports received designation on February 11 as a Guardian Guide under a new program established by Save the Manatee Club and the...

The Diving in Alabama: Like a Box of Chocolates

From Kansas and the Wizard of Oz to Alabama and Forrest Gump, this is another journey guided by a famous movie story, known by millions of people. Alabama sits as the centerpiece to the southern states in America, bordering Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Wild Alaska: Diving Prince William Sound

“Hey, you guys need a lift?” By Eco-Photo Explorers Michael Salvarezza and Christopher P. Weaver Standing...

Central Indiana Diving: Hunting Quarries

Situated in the Midwest, the “Crossroads of America”, Indiana, is best known for basketball, the Indy 500, and miles upon miles of corn fields...

Change to NAUI Regional Territories

Tampa, Fla. (January 3, 2019) – The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) is excited to announce 2019 updates and changes...

The Divearium: An Evolution in Quarry Diving

Originally conceived in 2013, the Divearium “combines a diver training site and an underwater fauna and flora gallery/museum within a partially simulated aquarium environment”. Ultimately, it will serve as a multi-purpose facility where scuba divers will be able to learn and practice their skills while exploring an underwater venue unlike anything else they have experienced
The Discovery - Isle Royale Charters

Isle Royale Charters: All Aboard the Discovery

Nestled in the northern Midwest United States, Lake Superior boasts a plethora of submerged opportunities for recreational and technical divers...

World’s First Scuba GS Troop Continues to Achieve

Last year, we at Scuba H2O Adventures Magazine covered Girl Scout Troop 40348 of Central Texas: the world’s first scuba diving girl scout troop....

Bamboo Reef: A Beacon for Diving

Article by John Tapley; photos courtesy Bamboo Reef Scuba divers the world over have high regard for Monterey Bay:...
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