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Florida’s Perfect Environmental Storm: The Complex Balance of Biodiversity and Sustainability

In biblical terms, many scholars believe the Nile river ‘turning into a river of blood’ as described by Exodus is actually a red tide.
Making a new friend underwater

Desert Diving in Sin City

When you think of Las Vegas, several colorful expressions come to mind: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”
The Discover - Isle Royale Charters

Isle Royale Charters: All Aboard the Discovery

Nestled in the northern Midwest United States, Lake Superior boasts a plethora of submerged opportunities for recreational and technical divers...

The 3Rs: Exploring SoCal’s Near-Shore Public Safety Program

Scuba diving is a thrilling sport that pushes participants past their limitations, unveiling a captivating environment few experience. Pursuing these submerged zeniths is not...

South’s Got Sunshine and No Cloudy Days – But WE GOT NYUPS, Larry Cohen,...

BCoastal southern states have warm blue water, pretty tropical fish, and comparatively easier diving - while we in the northeast have cold, green water...

Alabama Spearfishing

Before mankind donned a scuba tank, it took up the spear: an instrument that could bring food to the table; or open a rite...

DEMA Honors Jessica Keller as the 2018 Wave Maker

The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) honored Jessica Keller as the DEMA 2018 Wave Maker at the annual DEMA Trade Show and Convention...

Change to NAUI Regional Territories

Tampa, Fla. (January 3, 2019) – The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) is excited to announce 2019 updates and changes...
Save Our Leatherback Operation (SOLO)

S.O.L.O. and Project Komodo©: Answering the Call

S.O.L.O.’s dedication to protecting delicate leatherback sea turtles and their fragile environments took root in 2003 when photographer Dr. Larry McKenna learned of the creatures’ plight: its species was on the brink of extinction.
Project Komodo

Project Komodo©: Leaving Nothing Behind

The vitality of the world’s oceans is in peril: ocean acidification has devastated sea star populations; mounds of swirling trash – gyres – have...
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