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Coral lab at Mote Marine Laboratory - credit Conor Goulding Mote Marine Laboratory

Mote Marine: A Symbol of Hope and A Celebration of the Sea

Reef systems the world over have seen sharp increases in coral mortality, through a myriad of factors both natural and man-made. Within...

History of Diving Museum Unveils Community Dive into Art Exhibit

The Florida Keys is home to some of the world’s most refined diving while boasting a diverse sea life and a population...

Haigh Quarry: A Beacon for Midwest Scuba

Hailed as the Caribbean of the Midwest for its electric assortment of features suited for scuba divers of all stripes and skills, Haigh Quarry...

VOA Inspires Vets On and Under Biscayne Bay

As scuba diving science has evolved over the years, so too has scuba technology for disabled, adaptive, divers. During this progression, diving has been...

2019 Registration Open for NAUI Workshops at DEMA Show

ARTICLE BY TIM WILLIAMS, NAUI MARKETING Registration is now open for NAUI Worldwide’s exhibitor-sponsored workshops and seminars at DEMA...

DCDiveShow Launches Guest Line Up for Polar Regions Presentation

In recognition of the world’s climate changing, particularly how these changes affect oceans and polar ice caps, the DC Dive Show will focus on polar regions during its featured presentation. Scheduled for Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 2pm EST, the exploratory showcase will feature two of scuba diving’s most prolific polar explorers, who have explored the region for many years: Jill Heinerth, who was the first diver to cave dive within an iceberg; and Amos Nachoum, the first to photograph polar bears from underwater.

Underwater Pumpkin Carving: Spooky, Spirited Scuba

With Halloween quickly approaching, scuba divers are raring and ready for one of their most favorite, and uniquely eccentric, fall activities: underwater pumpkin carving....

Clearwater UW Veterans Memorial Honors Service, Promotes Local Diving

By John Tapley; photos courtesy Heyward Mathews On August 5, scuba divers, members of the Pinellas County community, and...

A Guide to Spotting Australasia’s Marine Wildlife Using Migration Patterns

If you are hoping to see a particular animal in their natural habitat on your next visit to the ocean, it is...

Book Review: Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide – Comprehensive & Captivating

Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide by veteran wreck explorer and researcher Erik Petkovic unveils 19 of the estimated 2,000 shipwrecks that dot the lake’s floor, providing highly detailed accounts that cover every spectrum of every dive destination. How deep does the Sir C T van Straubenzee reach? For what purpose was the John J. Boland constructed and when did she sink? Is the Acme still intact and what is the best way to reach her? Which dives are must-dos and which are duds?
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