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From Montauk to Breezy Point Brooklyn – LIDA’s GOT IT COVERED! Long Island Dive Association’s Annual Film Festival Inspires

Thank you team LIDA for a fantastic LIDA film Festival!

Hat’s Off to Barry Lipsky and the whole Long Island Dive Association leadership team -- again this year – for an inspiring, informative, fun, and energizing Film Festival!  LIDA has been serving the greater New York/New Jersey/Connecticut dive community for 30 years.  One of the greatly-anticipated annual lifecycle landmark events in the Northeast, the LIDA Film Festival lets us divers get together, dreaming...

Whale of a Tale Series – Hole in the Arm Wreck and Discoveries

All aboard the Quiet Waters

As diving history progresses, legend begets fact. Some stories are too good to dissolve in the brine of the sea and continue to endure. This is one such tale. By Gene Peterson In the late 80s, Art Kirshner purchased a house in Hatteras, North Carolina. At that time, deep Hatteras wrecks were relatively untouched. Hatteras...

Isle Royale Charters: All Aboard the Discovery

The Discovery - Isle Royale Charters

Nestled in the northern Midwest United States, Lake Superior boasts a plethora of submerged opportunities for recreational and technical divers – scuba explorers who require the best conditions to dive. In May of last year, charter operator Isle Royale Charters of Isle Royale, Michigan, added a new vessel to its Lake Superior excursions, the Discovery, which meets...

Adaptive Diving with A-1

Scuba diving is a sport recognized worldwide for its freeing environment, which is especially empowering for individuals with disabilities: adaptive divers. Encapsulated within calming blue waters where gravity has a lesser hold, adaptive divers enjoy not only an enhanced sense of freedom but a strong camaraderie with their fellow divers. In recent decades, adaptive diving programs have...

100th Anniversary of the Sinking of the cruiser USS San Diego : Findings of the Two-Year Interdisciplinary, Multi-Agency Inquiry

And now it can be told. An interdisciplinary team of ten US Federal agencies, the military, scientists and academicians collaborated on a two-year study of the wreck of USS San Diego on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its sinking, to determine definitely what happened that day. The study was undertaken in memory of the six sailors killed in the sinking. New technologies were employed in the study, including finite-element engineering modeling of the flooding and sinking timeline based on loads aboard the ship and interior compartmentalization, high density/definition photogrammetry mapping and side scan sonar analysis of the wreck, and underwater unmanned probes (AUV’s and ROV’s – autonomous underwater vehicle and remote-operated vehicle) equipped with laser beams to measure the structure.

Hidden Gems: Southern Oregon Coast’s Comradery of Divers

I’m sitting on The Sarge, headed out to the Charleston Jetty. On the boat is Eric and Sherry Trapp, husband and wife duo and long time local recreational divers; Grant Herron and Elizabeth Seely, both young recreational divers; and their boat driver Ralph Penland, a retired fisherman. These are members from Outcast Dive Club, a local recreational...

South’s Got Sunshine and No Cloudy Days – But WE GOT NYUPS, Larry Cohen, Olga Torrey and Michael Rothschild!

BCoastal southern states have warm blue water, pretty tropical fish, and comparatively easier diving - while we in the northeast have cold, green water with more challenging diving (our waters have their own compelling merits as WE all know…)… But wait! In the NY/NJ greater metro area, we also have …the New York Underwater Photographic Society.  (NYUPS) – led by the team of...

Action, Education, Research: The Texas Lionfish Control Unit

By John Tapley; photos courtesy Texas Lionfish Control Unit For years, waters along the southeastern United States have been besieged by an influx of Indo-Pacific lionfish: an apex predator feared for its voracious appetite and venomous spines. Lionfish have played havoc with coastal communities, disrupting already fragile aquatic environments; and while human intervention has slowed...

What to Buy First, Next, Last

Alec Peirce Tech Tips offers advise on What Gear to Purchase

The Treasures of Lake Mohave

The southwestern United States has had a longstanding relationship with adventure: the rugged tales of the Wild West; Vegas’s shiny, but often seedy history; and America’s favorite highway, Route 66, with its myriad attractions and roadside oddities. This legacy carries into the region’s waterways, and to this day, many treasures and experiences still lie in wait beneath the waters....

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