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Vintage Scuba: Snorkels Old and New

Snorkels, guys. I want to talk briefly about old and new snorkels. Alec Peirce with Vintage Scuba. First of all, I have two....

Vintage Scuba: What is Your Regulator’s Name?

As you saw from the title, we’re talking about names of your regulator. I don’t know if you have a name for your regulator: a lot of the regulators I’ve owned over years, I’ve had names for them. I can’t repeat those names because this is in the public domain - I didn’t have any called “Love” or “Deary”. The reason they had names was because the regs from manufacturers often had names prior to about 1975. They don’t today. If you have an APEKS XT-4 that’s not a name: that’s a brand or a model number. An Aqualung D200: that’s not a name.

Vintage Scuba – The “SCUBASYSTEM” Hard-Shell BCD

Hi guys, Alex Peirce with Vintage Scuba! Today we’re going to talk about hard-shell buoyancy compensating systems. There were other hard-shell systems developed around the same time but they weren’t the same… relatively similar in that they had a hard shell on the back. They’re reminiscent of the Silent World if you remember Jacques Cousteau’s movie – the guys wore that slick plastic case on their back, which was a cover for three little tanks.

Vintage Scuba: Evolution of BCs

By Alec Peirce It took a while before we caught onto the fact that a power inflator valve (PIV) actually...

Vintage Scuba: Evolution of BCs

This is the next step in the evolution of the BC – did I say BC? Buoyancy compensator. This is actually one of...

Vintage Scuba: The Horse Collar (Mae West) Vest

Vests in the early days – for a long time, in fact, up until the ‘80s – had another feature that was a carry over from the Air Force/Navy vest. They had a CO2 cartridge, and in an emergency, you pulled on this and it blew the vest up instantly but only on the surface: if you did this underwater, one of two things would happen: if you were shallow, it would blow up and yank you to the surface quickly; if you were very deep, 60 feet or more, nothing happened because the pressure in the water was greater than the cartridge.

Vintage Scuba with Alec Peirce: The SCUDA

Hi, divers, Alec Peirce again with Vintage Scuba and Scuba 2000! I’m enjoying this series and I hope you do, too. I promised...

Vintage Scuba with Alec Peirce: Early Dive Lights

Today we’re going to concentrate on dive lights. It’s something every diver knows about – you probably have one – but I want to take a few minutes of your time to talk about them. I want to show you a modern dive light and concentrate on where it came from, and what they used to be like.

Vintage Scuba with Alec Peirce: Weights and Belts

Hi divers, Alec Peirce again with another interesting piece on vintage scuba. I started diving in 1958 and it’s been a fantastic journey for...

Vintage Scuba with Alec Peirce – Evolution of Masks Part II

I started getting interested in the underwater in the early ‘50s. My dear Uncle Charlie had a cottage in Bowmanville – maybe you’ve...
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