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Vintage Scuba: Evolution of BCs

By Alec Peirce It took a while before we caught onto the fact that a power inflator valve (PIV) actually...

Vintage Scuba: Evolution of BCs

This is the next step in the evolution of the BC – did I say BC? Buoyancy compensator. This is actually one of...

Vintage Scuba: The Horse Collar (Mae West) Vest

Vests in the early days – for a long time, in fact, up until the ‘80s – had another feature that was a carry over from the Air Force/Navy vest. They had a CO2 cartridge, and in an emergency, you pulled on this and it blew the vest up instantly but only on the surface: if you did this underwater, one of two things would happen: if you were shallow, it would blow up and yank you to the surface quickly; if you were very deep, 60 feet or more, nothing happened because the pressure in the water was greater than the cartridge.

Vintage Scuba with Alec Peirce: The SCUDA

Hi, divers, Alec Peirce again with Vintage Scuba and Scuba 2000! I’m enjoying this series and I hope you do, too. I promised...

Vintage Scuba with Alec Peirce: Early Dive Lights

Today we’re going to concentrate on dive lights. It’s something every diver knows about – you probably have one – but I want to take a few minutes of your time to talk about them. I want to show you a modern dive light and concentrate on where it came from, and what they used to be like.

Vintage Scuba with Alec Peirce: Weights and Belts

Hi divers, Alec Peirce again with another interesting piece on vintage scuba. I started diving in 1958 and it’s been a fantastic journey for...

Vintage Scuba with Alec Peirce – Evolution of Masks Part II

I started getting interested in the underwater in the early ‘50s. My dear Uncle Charlie had a cottage in Bowmanville – maybe you’ve...
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