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SFO Dive Show Measures Success in Inaugural Year

Mayan Princess at the US Dive Shows DC Show

On April 26 and 27, scuba divers, icons in diving, and representatives from diving businesses joined at the first annual San Francisco Scuba Dive and Travel Adventure Show (SFO Dive Show), held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. The two-day show featured a bevy of activities and events tailor made for scuba divers and water aficionados, with live...

DAN – Diving at Night

Diving at sunset

The ocean is a mystifying place, and when the sun goes down, the allure only intensifies. At night, the ocean more closely resembles outer space than Earth, so it is no surprise that adventurous divers list night dives as some of their most thrilling experiences. Think you have what it takes to dive in the dark? Follow these tips to make...

NAUI Mobile® Launch: A New Era for Profile Management and Digital Accessibility

NAUI App Third

NAUI Worldwide, a leading certification agency dedicated to its membership organization and affiliated industry professionals has officially launched its mobile app to thousands of divers across the nation. Courtesy NAUI The free NAUI Mobile 1.0 app takes a completely fresh look providing its members and divers (public users) the ability to view their online CORE (Certifications; Online...

Save the Manatee Club: Guardians of Sirenia

Sunlight beams on a manatee - photo by David Schricte

With their charming personalities, massive size, and unorthodox look, manatees have captured the human imagination since man set eyes on them. The Serer people of Senegal in West Africa included sea cows in their mythology, portraying them as protectors of future secrets; lovelorn sailors, if legends are to be believed, would mistake manatees for mermaids. Manatees serve as Florida’s official state marine...

Whale of a Tale Series – A Treasure Trove of Adventure on the Spanish Steamer Vizcaya

The Vizcaya

As diving history progresses, legend begets fact. Some stories are too good to dissolve in the brine of the sea and continue to endure. This is one such tale. The dive boat “Barnacle Bob” cruised out of Brigantine through Absecon inlet into a northeast wind. It was a September night in the early 1990s. The little Silverton bounce...

Cancún: A City of Warm People and Warm Beaches

Located on the Caribbean side of the Yucatán Península, Cancún rises as the most spectacular place to enjoy beautiful turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Founded in 1970, Cancún began tourist projects in 1974, and since then it has grown to be a home away from home for many visitors from all over the world. Cancún and its surrounding areas are located on mangrove jungles: a strip of hotels between a beautiful lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.

Bikini Atoll: History Unfolds from the Depths of the Ocean

The Bikini Atoll, birthplace of Godzilla, is a place where hazmat suits were once donned, and bikinis cast aside. While the name evokes tropical scenery, endless sandy beaches, and beautiful women dressed in tiny swimsuits, this is not the case.

Hurray for Huraa – A Maldives Escape

By Eco-Photo Explorers - Michael Salvarezza & Christopher P. Weaver There’s a Maldivian legend that describes how God, after he made the world, was overcome with emotion at the beauty of his creation and that he shed a few tears as a result which fell into the Indian ocean, giving origin to the Maldive...

IVS Explores Above and Below Egypt’s Waterline

Egypt is home to ancient pharaohs, the landscape dotted with dazzling temples and museums, tombs and historic treasures hidden in plain sight. Besides traversing the market place, indulging in exotic flavors, and meeting the tenacious people who call Egypt home, visitors can indulge in superb scuba diving and outdoor adventures. Egypt has plenty for travelers to enjoy with a perfect mix of activities combining culture, history, adventure, and tranquil relaxation.


Article by John Tapley, Photos Courtesy Donna Lattin  South Pacific Island Travel visits beautiful destinations Headquartered in Washington’s Emerald City, Seattle, South Pacific Island Travel provides opportunities for scuba explorers to get their feet wet and delve into some of the world’s most acclaimed dive destinations. With an emphasis...

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