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Scuba Tech Tips: Nitrox – Good or Bad?

You’ve probably seen tanks like this: enriched air nitrox, EANX. Basically, that’s what nitrox is: it’s enriched air. What do you mean by enriched air? Simple. It’s air with more oxygen than normal.

Tech Tips: Make Your Own Hookah Surface Supply

Hi, guys, Alec Peirce from Alec Peirce Scuba and we’ve got a good one today! This is what’s called a hookah – a couple of you have asked about how to set up a surface supply. A hookah is just a fancy term to describe surface supply. By surface supply, I mean this: you’re underwater, breathing from a...

Alec Peirce Tech Tips: Proper Weight Balance

Alec and Helen

Hi guys, Alec Peirce Scuba here again at the AquaSub Scuba Diving Centre. I have one of our main instructors Helen here today to give me a hand in demonstrating weight deployment or weight placement. This comes up all the time: every time I mention weights or BCDs I get comments. I thought I’d quickly run through this with you.

Alec Peirce Tech Tips: Dry Suits Part II

Alec Peirce dry suits

We are once again into the drysuit diving season.  I want to share information you need to intelligently shop for a drysuit. I have already shared one drysuit video in which I showed you an old drysuit from the 1960s. It was made of thin rubber, that was basically a garbage bag to keep you dry. Think...

Alec Peirce Tech Tips: Servicing a Scuba Tank

We are talking about scuba tanks today; most folks believe that tanks are the most vital part of diving. Certainly, they are very important since it gives you the air you need to breathe. They can however, give you problems if not taken care of. Some folks do not own their tanks and instead rent them for about $15 a day. Others buy their own tanks and have to fill them for about $10 per dive. Divers who travel overseas generally rent them.

Scuba Tech Tips: Your Most Important Scuba Purchase

Today we are going to talk about the single most important piece of equipment a scuba diver owns; not the tank, not the regulator, it’s your mask. If your mask doesn’t fit or doesn’t work well for you it may not be safe and you won’t have any fun so what’s the point. So, the mask is the single most important piece of equipment.

Evolution of Masks – Part 1

In this article I want to concentrate on masks. Masks, in my opinion, is the single most important piece of equipment you’ll ever own. Your mask needs to work well: it needs to fit, be comfortable, allow you to see and to dive safely and comfortably.  If not, then diving is over! By Alec...

Tanks: Proper Filling

I’ve said this before: that air is so important underwater. Today I’m going to show you how to fill a scuba tank – and by you, I mean I’ll show you how a scuba tank ought to be filled. Every dive store is different so I’m not being critical: take this information and watch the next time...

What to Buy First, Next, Last

Alec Peirce Tech Tips offers advise on What Gear to Purchase

Scuba Tech Tips: Prepping For Cold Water Diving


By Alec Peirce We need to talk about something for with which I have a lot of experience.  I have been diving a very long time – 60 years as you know. I have dived all over the world and in many oceans, different environments, fast water, dirty water, good water, bad water, and some places where I...

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