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FEIFISH: Unique, Handcrafted Jewelry

FEIFISH (pronounced fay-fish), inspired by nature, from tranquil forests to the boundless oceans, offers fun, creative, and unique jewelry in a vast array of designs. These whimsical pieces draw from the sea, coastal resorts, animals, and landscapes; find adorable sea otters hanging from beaded bracelets or an octopus clinging to a necklace.

Understanding Lighting

By Don Constanza In the last two articles we talked about building a solid foundation as a diver to become a proficient underwater photographer.  Buoyancy is one of the crucial pillars of our foundation, which we discussed a couple months ago.  With solid buoyancy skills you are a much more stable camera platform and more likely...

Life is the Adventure: What you Wear Expresses that Adventure

A few years back, mostly as a young adult, I traveled a fair bit with my family. One time we explored Western Australia by jeep traversing the long stretches of desert road in the mid-summer heat; another time we traveled along Thailand’s coastline during monsoon season. I had always packed my favorite clothing: a sweater from a trip to Canada sporting a moose, which I always thought brought me some luck in colder regions; a pair of socks from a trip to Russia with tiny bears in a bizarre pattern; and of course, a t-shirt with my favorite band emblazoned across the front (Bon Jovi if you wondered).

Getting Better Buoyancy Control

How many times have you looked at an underwater image and thought “I wish I could do that,” or “If I had that kind of camera gear, I could get the same images?” Let’s be honest, if you are an underwater photographer and you are like most of us, that thought has crossed your mind more than once.

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