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The 2019 Save the Manatee Club Calendar

2019 SMC Calendar - courtesy SMC

Save the Manatee Club (SMC) of Maitland, Florida has protected the longevity of manatees and their environments for decades. The club’s annual calendar shows sea cows in still life, magnifying the importance of these gargantuan creatures and their delicate environments across 13 detailed pages. By John Tapley Each month features captivating imagery of manatees meandering through...

EnviroGirl Adventures Volume One

A lot can happen in just an instant, especially while on the water. An instant can mean the difference between life and death, and for those involved in water safety, each fraction of time must be precisely calculated. In honor and recognition of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association (HLA), watch purveyor Time Concepts has produced a commemorative timepiece: the Official HLA Watch.

FEIFISH: Unique, Handcrafted Jewelry

FEIFISH (pronounced fay-fish), inspired by nature, from tranquil forests to the boundless oceans, offers fun, creative, and unique jewelry in a vast array of designs. These whimsical pieces draw from the sea, coastal resorts, animals, and landscapes; find adorable sea otters hanging from beaded bracelets or an octopus clinging to a necklace.

Time Concepts Commemorates Ongoing Cannabis Reform with 420Waldos Brand

The subject matter of this article are not necessarily the views or opinions of Scuba & H2O Adventures Magazine Four-twenty is a number synonymous with cannabis use and culture, and over time has made its way into mainstream lingo. Cannabis users often consider April 20 to be a holiday, and the time itself,...

Life is the Adventure: What you Wear Expresses that Adventure

A few years back, mostly as a young adult, I traveled a fair bit with my family. One time we explored Western Australia by jeep traversing the long stretches of desert road in the mid-summer heat; another time we traveled along Thailand’s coastline during monsoon season. I had always packed my favorite clothing: a sweater from a trip to Canada sporting a moose, which I always thought brought me some luck in colder regions; a pair of socks from a trip to Russia with tiny bears in a bizarre pattern; and of course, a t-shirt with my favorite band emblazoned across the front (Bon Jovi if you wondered).

Nova Scotia: The Crown Jewel of Eastern Canada

Situated on northeastern Canada’s coastline, Nova Scotia is one of the country’s most stunningly beautiful provinces: with rolling hills, verdant forests, tranquil rivers, and a vibrant community sharped by maritime history, it’s no small wonder where “New Scotland” gets its namesake. Nova Scotia is a playground for shipwreck enthusiasts, a shining beacon for maritime historians, and a wonderland for anyone seeking adventures both rustic and cosmopolitan. And with 4,660 miles of coastline, and nearly 4,000 small islands, the crown jewel of eastern Canada offers exploration and adventure in all flavors.

The Ubiquitous Zipper: Lube it – before you use it!

The day started out perfectly perfect – the sun was shining, the tide was cooperative, and the beach was a welcoming sight. Aside from the tiny beads of sweat pooling on my forehead as I helped lug my husband’s gear down the steep path from the parking lot to the beach – I felt content. I wasn’t going to dive this trip and instead would be the beach “wench” – but spending time with the hubby nonetheless.

Herring Lady Saves Orcas Through Investigative Book

Washington state resident Tove Chatham, known as Herring Lady, is soon to publish an overview of an issue plaguing waters between The Evergreen State and British Columbia: diminished populations of herring, which has caused a damaging ripple effect throughout the region. Chatham’s book, The Herring Lady’s Plan to Save the Orcas – A Plan to Save the Chinooks and Orcas by...

John Hargrove: Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Time Concepts: Stylish, Rugged, Quality

Time Concepts was established in 2007 as a platform for developing watches for a wide array of brands and retailers, in addition to licensed watch programs, and ever since has established a long history of developing and delivering high-quality products. Using design acumen perfected over decades developing watches, Time Concepts’ stylish and functional offerings stand the test of time, operating flawlessly. Perfected...

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