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John Hargrove: Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

FEIFISH: Unique, Handcrafted Jewelry

FEIFISH (pronounced fay-fish), inspired by nature, from tranquil forests to the boundless oceans, offers fun, creative, and unique jewelry in a vast array of designs. These whimsical pieces draw from the sea, coastal resorts, animals, and landscapes; find adorable sea otters hanging from beaded bracelets or an octopus clinging to a necklace.

Florida Dive Connection Launches 2018 Gear Demo Series

Learn about Tech Diving

When divers go deep, the absolute splendor of underwater exploration comes to the fore: past shorelines and shallow lakes, divers thrill in discovering reaches that few people have even dreamed of.

Book Review: Shark Bytes by John Bantin

Shark Bytes cover

Your world becomes eerily silent; your heartbeat your companion as it beats slowly; your body calm, bubbles occasionally escaping as they rush to the surface; this is the beginning. You watch the fish when suddenly a dark shadow envelopes you, the light dim, your heart beating faster; a shark. The fish once calm exit hastily leaving only you, your dive buddies, and...

CMEPS Halifax Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals

This report summarizing some of the highlights of the Halifax conference. It is written from the perspective of a conservationist attending a science conference.

Book Review: Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide – Comprehensive & Captivating

Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide by veteran wreck explorer and researcher Erik Petkovic unveils 19 of the estimated 2,000 shipwrecks that dot the lake’s floor, providing highly detailed accounts that cover every spectrum of every dive destination. How deep does the Sir C T van Straubenzee reach? For what purpose was the John J. Boland constructed and when did she sink? Is the Acme still intact and what is the best way to reach her? Which dives are must-dos and which are duds?

What to Buy First, Next, Last

Alec Peirce Tech Tips offers advise on What Gear to Purchase

Missouri: Serious Fun in America’s Gateway to the Great Outdoors

Adventure awaits the eager explorer in Missouri as the natural world shines on her beauty. Missouri beckons the adventurer with everything from bustling city life to underwater caves filled with mysterious pasts. This Midwestern state, covered by grassy plains and the forested Ozark Mountains boasts an incredible array of outdoor activities whether hiking, biking, or just taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Herring Lady Saves Orcas Through Investigative Book

Washington state resident Tove Chatham, known as Herring Lady, is soon to publish an overview of an issue plaguing waters between The Evergreen State and British Columbia: diminished populations of herring, which has caused a damaging ripple effect throughout the region. Chatham’s book, The Herring Lady’s Plan to Save the Orcas – A Plan to Save the Chinooks and Orcas by...

Understanding Lighting

By Don Constanza In the last two articles we talked about building a solid foundation as a diver to become a proficient underwater photographer.  Buoyancy is one of the crucial pillars of our foundation, which we discussed a couple months ago.  With solid buoyancy skills you are a much more stable camera platform and more likely...

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