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Saying goodbye is the beginning of saying hello to a new...

December marks the end of the year as we say goodbye to 2018 and consider everything we have accomplished. Did the year seem to pass in a flash?

Embrace the New Year: Dive into Adventures!

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.

Publisher’s Note – May 2018

May signifies Mother’s Day, and this month we are celebrating people, business owners, community events, exploration, and art. Scuba H2O Adventures Magazine is on...

Humans, the Ocean, and Shipwrecks: Our Inseparable Relationship with Our Past

Studying shipwrecks can help us understand the past, connect us to our cultural heritage, and teach us lessons on how the environment and human error can damage each other. NOAA

Sharks, Reefs, Marine Habitats

The history of life on this blue planet has been one of the interaction between the living and their environs. For the most part, the environment shaped the physical formation of the plants and animals and how they interact; humans have also, in part, help shape this interaction. Considering the time this planet has taken to evolve, billions of years, and the incredible events that have taken place with everything from asteroids to volcanic eruptions to an ice age and now melting poles, she will continue to exist well into the future. Considering the time the planet has been “our earth” the environment , in terms of years, has little effect on those plants and species it helps mold. One species; however, has impacted our blue planet with far greater influence than the environment, to alter the course of the life it is surrounded by, human species.

Happy Mother’s Day!

May signifies Mother’s Day, and this month we are celebrating people, business owners, community events, exploration, and...

Springing Forward, Paying it Forward

By John Tapley With spring finally here, dive communities throughout the western hemisphere are prepping for the prime...

Spring is Here!

Alas it is the time we all await as we watch the snow melt and the ground thaw. The earth is fresh, the ground fierce with life, grasses grow in the fields and the yards, and the call of the baby lambs awakens our renewed spirit.

The limitless possibilities of SCUBA

Recently I was asked “Why SCUBA?” from a friend who hadn’t set foot in the ocean let alone a bathtub … in years. Ok maybe I exaggerate but it did lead me into a thoughtful discussion about diving. Really, we don’t need a reason to dive – we need reasons not to dive. Human beings are capable of exploring this magical place we call earth from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the ocean, but first, before we dive into the water we must bite down on a regulator, strap on a SCUBA tank and BCD then don our colorful masks.

History is something that happened a moment ago, a year ago,...

This month we focus on many stories that take us back to the past and in some instances, allow us to have an introspective look at how we value history and our actions. Learning from our past, positions us for a brighter future: a future of progress, inclusiveness, and reconciliation. Over the years I have read books about great leaders, like Margaret Thatcher, who conquered the once impossible role of being the longest serving British Prime Minister and first woman to have been appointed.
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