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Getting Better Buoyancy Control

How many times have you looked at an underwater image and thought “I wish I could do that,” or “If I had that kind of camera gear, I could get the same images?” Let’s be honest, if you are an underwater photographer and you are like most of us, that thought has crossed your mind more than once.

Personal Spotlight: Chrissy Schram Designs

Growing up I was encourage to draw by everyone around me including my parents, aunts, uncles, friends, and teachers. I would draw the things I saw around me no matter what it was, the stereo, television, a plant, almost anything. We didn’t have computers or iPods to entertain or occupy our time, so I drew. Much like people like to read or watch movies, I began to draw cartoon characters of the people around me, garnering my inspiration from the cartoon shows I watched as a child.

Plastisphere – Profile of an Artist with a Mission

Divers understand both the beauty of the underwater world and the fragility of the ocean’s ecosystems. One of the most insidious threats to life in the ocean and, indeed, on this planet is the massive introduction of plastics into the marine ecosystem. Plastic is designed to last hundreds of years or more and because of our affinity for single-use plastics, we are creating a veritable tsunami of trash. Over 8 million metric tons of plastic pollution finds its way into the world’s oceans every year, killing untold millions of marine creatures.
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