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By Selene Muldowney

Most folks who know me well understand I am an ambitious person. I have always been this way; from the early days of school to my current life of balancing a family, farm, and work. I am a female entrepreneur, love marketing, consulting, and now building a community as the new publisher of Scuba and H2O Adventures Magazine.

The last few years have been a wild ride with some bumps and unexpected turns but this adventure lead me to today. By no means am I perfect and honestly some moments in my career have truly been cringe worthy, but those moments and the ones that I look forward to help in my journey toward professional growth and development.  Being ambitious and knowing my strengths has given me a combination that enabled my success as a business owner and now guides me through the process of this newest adventure. 

As I embark on this journey to honor Rick Stratton’s vision for creating a magazine and brand that enables a strong community of scuba divers and watersports enthusiasts I hope to also bring my own experiences and insight. If my experiences in life taught me anything, it is important to fully understand your strengths, weaknesses, and your sense of normality. Embrace the uncertain but begin with a plan, knowing that in the end you will be wiser, smarter, and hopefully happier with the outcome. 

The difference between being a purposeful and successful leader vs an uninspired leader, is simply in the work they do and the approach they take. The inspired leader recognizes the call to action, prioritizes the need, responds to change effectively and positively, while the uncertain and uninspired leaders tend to wither and fill their lives with chaos. 

As we build the magazine each month we look for stories about our community, from scuba divers exploring new watering holes to adventure seekers mapping out recently discovered wrecks. These people are often leaders; inspired and driven. I ask you to join me in this journey as I begin to explore the underwater world from this new perspective and become leaders in this community – bring a positive and healthy change to what unites us – scuba diving and the incredible mysteries we discover on a daily basis. #livewithpurpose

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