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The Mammalian Dive Reflex and Freediving Safety

Depth record for sperm whales: 7,380 feet Depth record for elephant seals: 7,835 feet Depth record for humans: 702 feet Going seven hundred feet beneath the surface in a single breath-hold dive may pale in comparison to the abilities other diving mammals, but for the average human it is an unimaginable feat. Humans did...


The warm, red-brown water faded to black as the two divers descended feet-first toward the river bed. Armed with screwdrivers, mesh bags and a single flashlight each, the women descended hand- in-hand in hopes of ending up near each other in the zero-visibility environment. When their fins hit bottom, they lay out horizontally and stabbed their screwdrivers...

DAN – Dive Another Day

After spending a small fortune booking a trip, looking forward to it for an entire year and then traveling halfway around the world to a dream destination, forgoing one of your dives is probably the last thing you want to do. However, choosing to skip a dive might be just the thing you need to do to...

DAN – Dive Safer: Safe Spearing and Collecting

Humans have relied on fish for sustenance for thousands of years, turning the throwing of a spear into a commercial, sporting and recreational industry. A huge percentage of the world's population still depends on fishing, and a great way to keep fish populations abundant is to fish sustainably. One of the most rewarding ways to do so is to revert to the ways of our ancestors by spearfishing or harvesting by hand.

DAN – ER First, Chamber Second

Two divers bob in the swell, their surface marker buoy deployed, waiting on a pickup from their dive boat. After an 80-foot wall dive and a whale shark sighting, morale is high. By Caitlyn Ruskell, DAN Content Writer/Editor About an hour later the divers hike back to their bungalow. One of them feels pretty...

DAN – Why You Should Take a Rescue Diver Course

You don’t need the endurance of a Navy SEAL or a desire to jump into the conditions shown in The Perfect Storm to be a great rescue diver; all you need is an open water certification and the willingness to work hard to gain a new skill set. A rescue diver course won’t break you, but it will be challenging. Luckily...


As Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) endeavors to advance safe diving worldwide, efforts to enhance the services available in the Asia-Pacific region are well underway. Over the next six months, every DAN Instructor in the region will have an opportunity to participate in a bridging workshop to maintain their active teaching status. These bridging workshops will ensure instructors have the support and resources they...

DAN – Emergency Action Plans

Why You Need to Create a Personal EAP After you’ve sprinted to your gate and experienced the sweet relief of making your flight, you get to sit back and listen to a preflight safety briefing. These briefings alert passengers of their role in the emergency action plans that airline safety professionals have created for the most likely in-flight emergencies....

DAN Welcomes Craig Cook, M.D., To Its Board of Directors

Craig Cook

Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) is pleased to announce that Craig Cook, M.D., has joined its board of directors. Cook specializes in anesthesiology, undersea and hyperbaric medicine, sports medicine and wilderness medicine and has served as a diving medical officer for many expeditions and organizations. His commitment to safe exploration aligns perfectly with DAN’s mission, making him an ideal addition to the DAN...

Myth-Busting the Bends

Decompression Chamber

Decompression sickness (DCS) isn't the most straightforward topic: It has lots of associated acronyms, it shares symptoms with many other conditions, and even though almost all divers take steps to prevent it, some still get it. To minimize the likelihood of you or a buddy suffering from DCS, you need to actively avoid it every time you...

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