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Down the Bayou Road

There’s only three of us: Gordon, a diver we’ll meet up with at the motel; Malcom, the tender; and myself. Malcom and I are scheduled to leave the shop at 1000 Monday, but brake problems keep us there until noon. Several hours later, after picking up the rental boat and compressor outside New Orleans, we arrive at a Ramada Inn, just a few miles from Lac Des Allemands, the 12,000-acre, 10-foot deep, bayou-fed lake we’ll be working in.


At 2200 we leave the shop in Tomball and drive east to Louisiana, towing our 30-foot aluminum workboat behind us. We talk quietly and sleep occasionally as the miles pass and darkness hides the fresh destruction of yet another hurricane....
After getting zipped into my drysuit, I shrug the harness and bailout bottle onto my shoulders, then buckle the straps tight around my chest. Zach, the standby diver, carefully lowers the yellow, 33-pound Kirby Morgan Superlite helmet over my head,...
The Hudson filled with ice flows, and the job consisted of multiple stages: find, clear, move, and remove any and all obstacles. Any diver that’s worked salvage inland or deep water will tell you the salvage starts great but can go south in the blink of an eye.
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