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So here we are at the backdoor of Roger’s air fill station. He carries a lot more here than just his air fill: tanks, scuba gear, and his friends’ gear as well. It gives you an idea of the complexity. Here’s the problem: I mentioned earlier this is an ACFM compressor: you hook up your 80 cubic-foot tank and roughly 10 to 15 minutes later, one tank is full. That won’t work for us. We need four or five tanks filled at once. How do you do that? You obviously hook up more hoses.
By Alec Peirce It took a while before we caught onto the fact that a power inflator valve (PIV) actually saved air, and after that, it became common. All BCs today have the same power inflator...
On February 19, 1942, in the darkness of the cold winter morning, the stealthy German submarine U-432 followed the silhouette of a lone freighter steaming north fifty-five miles east of Cape May, New Jersey. The order to man battle stations was relayed to the crew. On board the British steamer, most of the crew members were off duty, settled in their bunks sleeping in the early morning hours. The drone of the pounding steam engine was abruptly interrupted by the detonation of two torpedoes that slammed into the targeted ship. Within minutes the force of the sea drew the tortured hull to the sandy bottom. Thirty-four merchant sailors were lost without a word relating the circumstances of their deaths. Only a short entry in the German U-boat’s log had given a vague description of the victim with no name. Somewhere between New Orleans and New York, the S.S. Miraflores was reported missing after failing to reach her destination. Only a short Louisiana newspaper clipping noted the mystery. Miraflores had gone missing, lost without a trace.
Flexibility can be highly beneficial or put them into unnecessarily dangerous situations. When the dive plans change to involve an easier site or less challenging conditions, the new diver can take the opportunity to work on skills and improve them. A change to a significantly deeper or higher current site may result in them seeing a test beyond their abilities that causes an accident.To avoid getting into trouble, they should take an honest look at the entire dive and at themselves. Following this, they need to be frank with buddies, shops, guides, and operations, and when called for, insist on a less risky dive. To not do so may pacify others but this activity is not about pacification. It’s about staying safe and staying alive. Flexibility in planning is not going along to get along. It’s about being able to adapt to changes in an intelligent way that does not pose additional risk to the diver or the divers buddies.
Two divers bob in the swell, their surface marker buoy deployed, waiting on a pickup from their dive boat. After an 80-foot wall dive and a whale shark sighting, morale is high. By Caitlyn Ruskell, DAN...


At 2200 we leave the shop in Tomball and drive east to Louisiana, towing our 30-foot aluminum workboat behind us. We talk quietly and sleep occasionally as the miles pass and darkness hides the fresh destruction of yet another hurricane....
On my birthday, August 23, in 1981, I began selling stuff out of the back of my truck and continued with it, building it. It got bigger and bigger, I built a basement shop and made it into a regular shop with a compressor. I still remember calling around to get my first dealerships: Sherwood; Hobie’s Wetsuits.
Inevitably once a new diver starts to develop some skills and confidence, this is a topic I am often asked. Usually, it comes up when divers start thinking about diving deeper, expanding their group of buddies, traveling, and in some cases because it looks cool. The latter may weirdly make some sense, but it is never a good reason to start diving with new gear.
You don’t need the endurance of a Navy SEAL or a desire to jump into the conditions shown in The Perfect Storm to be a great rescue diver; all you need is an open water certification and the willingness to...
The Revolutionary War defined the beginnings of an independent United States but it was a struggle of historic proportions both on land and on sea. Throughout the colonies, battles were fought and lives were lost. Long Island, New York, is...
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