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Snuggled in the United States’ Midwest, the Great Lakes have served as a cultural beacon and economic vector for local and countrywide development. Grit and drive moving them ever forward, countless seafarers made passage through this mighty body of water – some were successful in their endeavors; others not so fortunate. Today these tales are found littered throughout the waters; and researching, discovering, and illustrating them is no small feat. Sharing the excitement of shipwreck discovery and honoring the tireless work of dedicated explorers and researchers, the Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival (GLSF) is launching its 37thyear.
The Vancouver Aquarium held it’s 19th annual Divers’ Weekend on January 27th and 28th, 2018. This event draws divers to meet the organizations and businesses interested in dive conservation, instruction, photography gear, and equipment. It is a great opportunity to meet a wide range of dive industry related people. It has always been a well conducted and attended event for almost 2 decades now. It provides an opportunity for new divers to learn more about their dive opportunities and to meet the people that are often leaders in the dive industry.
Are you interested in becoming a certified diver with the knowledge to take on many new underwater challenges? Maybe, you are already a member of the diving community and are looking for an event that caters to your diving wants and dreams? Now is the time to grab a suitcase, start packing all of your scuba diving components, and get ready for a fantastic diving and travel event. Join the diving community at this year’s 47th annual Chicago Dive & Travel Expo, hosted by Our World Underwater at Chicago Marriott O’Hare Hotel & Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois.
On November 18th, 2018 The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester NY launched the 2017 holiday season with a big expedition of members who sojourned into Manhattan NYC to experience the National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey exhibit. We all heard great things about the exhibit, and were so excited to attend together as friends, divers and avocational naturalists! Virtually all of us - at one point or other during our collective years – have been captivated by articles in National Geographic, and for two+ generations have enjoyed NatGeo television documentaries. These fired our interest in the undersea world, brought us to scuba diving, and ignited our environmental awareness. Hats off to National Geographic for incorporating continual technology advances. NatGeo has succeeded brilliantly integrating the public’s visual awareness (due to the internet/social media/BBC’s Blue Planet series, etc.) with multi-sensory experiences – way beyond two-dimensional print media -- into their mission! This exhibit certainly succeeded in that!
Some of the fondest memories of childhood happen during the holidays. There is Halloween with its candy and costumes, then Thanksgiving where you devour delicious food, and finally Christmas with seasonal music, food, giving, and many more holiday delights. But not all are given the same opportunities; and for parents struggling to instill yuletide memories in their children, their options are limited. But thanks to the efforts of community projects centered on charity, the winter season gets a little warmer. Keeping its longstanding tradition to help spread goodwill and entertain children and scuba divers, dive club California Dream Divers of Modesto, California, recently celebrated its Scuba Santa Toy Drive event on October 22 at the organization’s sponsor, Aquatic Dreams Scuba Center.
Keeping with its mission to preserve and protect bodies of water throughout Washington State, and install and maintain dive destinations for generations to enjoy, Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA) has been hard at work on one of its most ambitious projects to date: installing a new artificial reef structure off Redondo Beach in Des Moines. Although artificial reef deployment and maintenance has been a core feature of the organization for many years, the Redondo project also marks a significant step toward sharing the benefits of diving with Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR): an alliance, which has been decades in the making.
On January 10, 2017, the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve funding to the tune of $1 million for coordinating the sinking of the USS Clamagore. Funds were garnered from a country trust fund, which was generated from vessel registration fees. The funds will go to a private, Miami-based firm: Artificial Reefs International-USS Clamagore (ARI), which will deploy the 320-foot vessel at a proposed site about three miles from the Juno Beach Pier in about 95 feet of water. The project is currently slated for summer of 2018, and fundraising is reportedly halfway completed.
Often nicknamed the “rainforest of the sea” coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. There may be more than one million species inhabiting the coral reefs around the world. In many ways, they are akin to the rainforests, where many of the inhabitants have yet to be discovered. Unfortunately, coral reefs as we know them are dying and sadly their inhabitants are losing their homes. These fragile, yet vital ecosystems are under siege from a vast array of assailants including localized pollutants, global warming, invasive species, human carelessness, ocean acidification, and other aggressors. While many human inhabitants of our planet have been slow to respond to the problem or creating a mechanism of protecting these ecosystems, hope is within site: Grand Cayman.
In September members of The Scuba Sports Club of Westchester NY took training from Joe Rinaldi and Pat Considine in emergency first aid / CPR. Joe is a retired NY law enforcement officer, an MSDT (PADI MSDT Master Scuba Diver Trainer) and one step above that, an instructor at the PADI Instructor Development Center. Joe is also an Adjunct Professor at Iona College. Joe was assisted in training the students by Pat Considine, MSDT. Students included Tom Butcher,Cindy Fisher,Judy Simek, Bob Bak,James Sacci,Kenneth Salstrom, Gary Lehman and Helen Carapella.
Although Alabama has one of the smallest coastlines of any coastal state, it enjoys one of the best, most dynamic artificial reef programs in the country. Replacing breadth with depth, the Alabama Gulf Coast Reef and Restoration Foundation (AGCRRF) has made it their mission to sink artificial wrecks along the Alabama coast, particularly off Orange Beach, and is excited to announce its latest upcoming endeavor: the sinking of the New Venture.
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