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The world of scuba diving is inviting and expansive: while enveloped within the blue, scuba divers enjoy a realm unlike any other: a zone of serenity and calm that sweeps away worries and emboldens its practitioners. For disabled divers, adaptive divers, this world opens avenues previously unavailable: while under the waves, adaptive divers experience the freedom of weightlessness, and a heightened determination augmented by supportive buddies. Managing adaptive diving programs is no small feat, and requires students and instructors to go beyond their limitations. As scuba diving has evolved over the decades, training agencies, dive centers, non-profits, and individuals have joined together for this noble mission. Such is Diveheart: one of the most prolific adaptive diving organizations since 2001.
ARTICLE BY TIM WILLIAMS, NAUI MARKETING Registration is now open for NAUI Worldwide’s exhibitor-sponsored workshops and seminars at DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida! Qualified dive industry professionals looking for training opportunities in First Aid...
In recognition of the world’s climate changing, particularly how these changes affect oceans and polar ice caps, the DC Dive Show will focus on polar regions during its featured presentation. Scheduled for Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 2pm EST, the exploratory showcase will feature two of scuba diving’s most prolific polar explorers, who have explored the region for many years: Jill Heinerth, who was the first diver to cave dive within an iceberg; and Amos Nachoum, the first to photograph polar bears from underwater.
With Halloween quickly approaching, scuba divers are raring and ready for one of their most favorite, and uniquely eccentric, fall activities: underwater pumpkin carving. Using deft skill and precision, aquatic devotees showcase their creativity in their favorite environment: the gourds gluttonous...
On September 15, scuba divers, friends, and family will gather at Woahink Lake in Florence, Oregon for a day of fun, food, and fundraising: the Dive for a Cure event, organized by Eugene Skin Divers Supply of Eugene, Oregon. Now...
We have all been told, when going outside into the sun, to slather our skin with sunscreen. It is agreed, nobody wants to have skin cancer or heaven forbid, wrinkles. But, are we, in an effort to save our skin, perhaps harming our bodies and also destroying the coral reefs we all enjoy?
S.A.F.E. is a non-profit organization connected to and named after Scuba Adventures for Everyone, LLC (SAFE), a PADI dive center owned and operated by Kleier and located in Hillsboro, Oregon. The center is equipped with a private classroom and large pool facility specifically designed to accommodate adaptive divers with specific needs: people with PTSD or on the autism spectrum; amputees and people assisted with wheelchairs.
October is a month that bridges the residual warmth from September and the chilly conditions brought on by November. For many scuba divers, depending on locality, it marks the end of thebusy dive season: transitioning into winter before the electrified energy of diving returns full swingin spring. Florida, with its consistently balmy and warm temperatures, both above and in the waters, is a lauded destination during these colder months. REEF Fest 2019 invites visitors of all ages to celebrate all things ocean from October 17 to 20, opening warm, watery worlds within southern Florida.
On Saturday, July 13 and Sunday 14, Shark Con will return to the Florida Fairgrounds Expo Hall in Tampa, Florida for its sixth consecutive year: promoting shark conservation, demystifying stigmas surrounding the animals, and hosting an entertaining...
Ask ten people why they love BTS and you will get twenty, thirty or forty answers! BTS is scheduled after the Long Island Divers Association Film Festival and the Boston Sea Rovers, consequently we divers are now...
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