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The limitless possibilities of SCUBA

Recently I was asked “Why SCUBA?” from a friend who hadn’t set foot in the ocean let alone a bathtub … in years. Ok maybe I exaggerate but it did lead me into a thoughtful discussion about diving. Really, we don’t need a reason to dive – we need reasons not to dive. Human beings are capable of exploring this magical place we call earth from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the ocean, but first, before we dive into the water we must bite down on a regulator, strap on a SCUBA tank and BCD then don our colorful masks.

Our World Underwater Celebrates 47th Year in Chicago

Are you interested in becoming a certified diver with the knowledge to take on many new underwater challenges? Maybe, you are already a member of the diving community and are looking for an event that caters to your diving wants and dreams? Now is the time to grab a suitcase, start packing all of your scuba diving components, and get ready for a fantastic diving and travel event. Join the diving community at this year’s 47th annual Chicago Dive & Travel Expo, hosted by Our World Underwater at Chicago Marriott O’Hare Hotel & Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Challenges of the Older Diver: Part Two—Your Body

Getting older creates little cause for cheer when it comes to the body. Reduced muscle mass and aerobic efficiency result in less power and endurance. Soft tissues stiffen and contract, reducing range of motion. Balance systems begin to degrade, increasing the risk of falls, especially when you’re lumbering about in dive gear. Reaction time slows.

History in the Making: Palm Beach County Welcomes the USS Clamagore as an Artificial Reef

On January 10, 2017, the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve funding to the tune of $1 million for coordinating the sinking of the USS Clamagore. Funds were garnered from a country trust fund, which was generated from vessel registration fees. The funds will go to a private, Miami-based firm: Artificial Reefs International-USS Clamagore (ARI), which will deploy the 320-foot vessel at a proposed site about three miles from the Juno Beach Pier in about 95 feet of water. The project is currently slated for summer of 2018, and fundraising is reportedly halfway completed.

History is something that happened a moment ago, a year ago, a century ago

This month we focus on many stories that take us back to the past and in some instances, allow us to have an introspective look at how we value history and our actions. Learning from our past, positions us for a brighter future: a future of progress, inclusiveness, and reconciliation. Over the years I have read books about great leaders, like Margaret Thatcher, who conquered the once impossible role of being the longest serving British Prime Minister and first woman to have been appointed.

The Divearium: An Evolution in Quarry Diving

Originally conceived in 2013, the Divearium “combines a diver training site and an underwater fauna and flora gallery/museum within a partially simulated aquarium environment”. Ultimately, it will serve as a multi-purpose facility where scuba divers will be able to learn and practice their skills while exploring an underwater venue unlike anything else they have experienced

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