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Washington Scuba Alliance Unveils Ongoing Improvement Projects

Since 1992, the Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA) has been committed to empowering waterways throughout the Evergreen State with scuba explorers in mind. A non-profit organization made up of experts in the community, WSA is a group always on the go: encouraging divers to try out their cold water neighborhoods while improving and establishing local dive destinations.

Chasing Dreams, Near Far – Wherever They Are…

Renata Rojas and Her Quest for Her Titanic! By Gary Lehman Renata Rojas is the former president of NYC’s venerable scuba dive club The New York City Sea Gypsies™, and banking executive, as well as member of NYC’s Explorers Club.  She is also one of the mission specialists aboard submersible research vessel Titan,...

REEF Continues Lionfish Fight with 2018 Derby Series

Venomous, voracious, and altogether vicious, the indo-Pacific red lionfish has plagued coastal waters off the southeastern United States for over a decade: scouring reef environments by rapidly consuming smaller fish and breeding quickly. Lionfish are an invasive, apex predator, and were it not for human intervention, would have full reign over the coast's already delicate ecosystem. Sharing the lionfish plight and encouraging people to protect their waterways is the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) and its upcoming summertime series centered in Florida: the REEF 2018 Lionfish Derby Series Presented by Whole Foods Market(r).


By John Christopher Fine “Yeah, that’s right. I want more.” Famous lines spoken by Rocco in a classic film staring Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson. The gangster, Rocco, stranded at a Key Largo resort during a hurricane, became a tyrant. Winds howled, ocean waves crashed upon the island as Hollywood created artificial fury...

30th Anniversary Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference

Seattle hosted the 30th Annual Salish Sea Conference, a trans-boundary initiative to focus on the Salish Sea that is shared by Canada and the United States. This conference respects that the ocean knows no borders and that conservation requires a combined effort on both sides of our modern borders. This conference also respects the indigenous peoples who inhabited this area historically. Long before the settlers arrived, this part of the Pacific Northwest held a thriving ocean.

OCEARCH – Saving Our Oceans: One White Shark at a Time

White shark Azlyn takes off like a shot as soon as she realizes she is free to return to the ocean! Article and Photos by Gary Lehman  On August 21 Dive News Network had the opportunity to go aboard the marine science ship MV Ocearch, the floating laboratory ocean-saving fortress...


Two physicians from Ohio, a husband and wife team, began scuba diving, raising tropical fish, studying fish behavior and ocean environmental issues. Their interest evolved into man’s penetration of the undersea. Drs. Joe and Sally Bauer researched then collected early diving inventions and historic hard hat rigs. Their collection expanded as they discovered and preserved historic diving gear, books, manuscripts and memorabilia associated with ocean exploration. Collecting historic dive equipment became their passion.

Inspiration in Scuba: Creating, Crafting, Empowering One Girl at a Time

by Selene Muldowney Inspiration comes in many forms and we often find ourselves consumed with seeking it. Make no mistake, being a learner and watching what others do leads to greater success as you find your inspiration and motivation in the work and success of others. This type...

Personally Illustrated: The Journey of an Illustrator

But what is art? Art is a noun. Art is an expression of our thoughts, intuitions, emotions, and what we desire. Art is personal: it is how we experience the world as an individual, not just the physical world that surrounds us but the whole world. Sometimes words alone are simply not enough to portray our intent so we communicate our intimate experiences with art. The medium used is not the art – the message is – art is beyond language. We feel a sense of wonder, cynicism, hope and despair, love or hatred. Art can render visible our inner selves.

Plastisphere – Profile of an Artist with a Mission

Divers understand both the beauty of the underwater world and the fragility of the ocean’s ecosystems. One of the most insidious threats to life in the ocean and, indeed, on this planet is the massive introduction of plastics into the marine ecosystem. Plastic is designed to last hundreds of years or more and because of our affinity for single-use plastics, we are creating a veritable tsunami of trash. Over 8 million metric tons of plastic pollution finds its way into the world’s oceans every year, killing untold millions of marine creatures.

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