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Leave Only Footprints: The Last Straw in our Dependency on Plastic

While some articles dive into terrifying statistics about the impact plastic straws make on the accumulating rubbish filling the landfills and our waterways other articles offer us a slightly different picture. One statistic making rounds on social media state that if all the straws in the world ended up in the ocean it would account for 0.03 percent of...

Seacows in a Snapshot: The Works of David Schrichte

When scuba explorers and marine enthusiasts think Florida, imagery of manatees often comes to the forefront. Naturally peaceful and inquisitive creatures, manatees have captivated the hearts of countless people the world over; and despite their polarizing facial features, have inhabited the imaginations of lovelorn seafarers throughout the centuries. Listed as threatened under the United States Endangered Species Act, their future hangs in jeopardy; and thanks to media, people can connect with these animals from across the globe.

John Hargrove: Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Personally Illustrated: The Journey of an Illustrator

But what is art? Art is a noun. Art is an expression of our thoughts, intuitions, emotions, and what we desire. Art is personal: it is how we experience the world as an individual, not just the physical world that surrounds us but the whole world. Sometimes words alone are simply not enough to portray our intent so we communicate our intimate experiences with art. The medium used is not the art – the message is – art is beyond language. We feel a sense of wonder, cynicism, hope and despair, love or hatred. Art can render visible our inner selves.

Diving With Cetaceans

The topic of diving with cetaceans has many different aspects with varying points of view. This is my personal view as a diver of 43 years and a marine conservationist, not necessarily the view of the organizations I am part of. I write as someone who has experienced chance encounters only a couple of times while in the water, although I have seen them in the wild numerous times. It is difficult to express the feeling of surfacing from a dive and seeing large male orca dorsal fin go by right beside you. Better yet was being spy-hopped by a large male right next to the boat after taking off my tank. To this day I have to wonder if he was seeing if I was that diver he just saw next to him in the water.

The Divearium: An Evolution in Quarry Diving

Originally conceived in 2013, the Divearium “combines a diver training site and an underwater fauna and flora gallery/museum within a partially simulated aquarium environment”. Ultimately, it will serve as a multi-purpose facility where scuba divers will be able to learn and practice their skills while exploring an underwater venue unlike anything else they have experienced

The LIDA 2018 Film Festival

The Long Island Divers Association (LIDA) is a not-for-profit regional organization dedicated to the promotion of local diving

Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley Resurfaces: Reaching Out Across Time and Space


H.L. Hunley and H.L. Hunley exhibit at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center

Challenges of the Older Diver: Part Two—Your Body

Getting older creates little cause for cheer when it comes to the body. Reduced muscle mass and aerobic efficiency result in less power and endurance. Soft tissues stiffen and contract, reducing range of motion. Balance systems begin to degrade, increasing the risk of falls, especially when you’re lumbering about in dive gear. Reaction time slows.

Inspiration in Scuba: Creating, Crafting, Empowering One Girl at a Time

by Selene Muldowney Inspiration comes in many forms and we often find ourselves consumed with seeking it. Make no mistake, being a learner and watching what others do leads to greater success as you find your inspiration and motivation in the work and success of others. This type of...

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