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Scuba Tech Tips: Regulator Venturi – Good or Bad?

This particular tech tip in response to a question about ventures’. They are what helps make an airplane fly as well as assist in all kinds of other things. If you have shopped for a regulator in the last 15 years then you would note that ventures’ are also used in scuba regulators.

ScubaNation Delves into Florida’s Cave Diving

Beyond recreational diving is the world of technical: a discipline that demands the utmost skill, dedication, and precision. Going into deeper depths establishes a degree of confidence: expanding horizons in pursuit of greater accomplishments. Cave diving, with its own set of rules and requirements, requires this confidence in spades, and in turn, opens up a unique world between water and earth: places few have even seen. Delving into the blue, scuba diving television program ScubaNation, is sharing the challenges and adrenaline of cave diving in Suwannee County, Florida: an area lauded as one of the greatest cave diving destinations in the entire world.

Meet Gene Peterson

We at Scuba H2O Adventures Magazine would like to congratulate Gene Peterson as our latest guest writer. An accomplished wreck explorer, historian, speaker, instructor, and business owner, Gene is a man who wears many hats, and who has made significant strides in surfacing the deep history of New Jersey shipwrecks. Gene has over 40 years of experience in these...

Seacows in a Snapshot: The Works of David Schrichte

When scuba explorers and marine enthusiasts think Florida, imagery of manatees often comes to the forefront. Naturally peaceful and inquisitive creatures, manatees have captivated the hearts of countless people the world over; and despite their polarizing facial features, have inhabited the imaginations of lovelorn seafarers throughout the centuries. Listed as threatened under the United States Endangered Species Act, their future hangs in jeopardy; and thanks to media, people can connect with these animals from across the globe.

Zale Parry: Ambassador of Diving

Editorial By John Christopher Fine Zale Parry's blue eyes give directness to her features. The directness is not diminished when she adds her specs to contemplate some document or other. Zale has been a Hollywood actress. She says she worked as a stunt double for the likes of Sophia Loren and Carol Baker, and was costar with the late legendary...

Inspiration in Scuba: Creating, Crafting, Empowering One Girl at a Time

by Selene Muldowney Inspiration comes in many forms and we often find ourselves consumed with seeking it. Make no mistake, being a learner and watching what others do leads to greater success as you find your inspiration and motivation in the work and success of others. This type of...

John Hargrove: Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Leave Only Footprints: The Last Straw in our Dependency on Plastic

While some articles dive into terrifying statistics about the impact plastic straws make on the accumulating rubbish filling the landfills and our waterways other articles offer us a slightly different picture. One statistic making rounds on social media state that if all the straws in the world ended up in the ocean it would account for 0.03 percent of...

Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley Resurfaces: Reaching Out Across Time and Space


H.L. Hunley and H.L. Hunley exhibit at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center

The LIDA 2018 Film Festival

The Long Island Divers Association (LIDA) is a not-for-profit regional organization dedicated to the promotion of local diving

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