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John Hargrove: Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Raising Awareness for Orcas in Captivity Worldwide

Destination Diving: Duluth to Isle Royale

A major metropolis straddling the southwestern edge of Lake Superior, Duluth, Minnesota is regarded as one of the Midwest’s premiere destinations for scuba exploration and outdoor adventure

The LIDA 2018 Film Festival

The Long Island Divers Association (LIDA) is a not-for-profit regional organization dedicated to the promotion of local diving

Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley Resurfaces: Reaching Out Across Time and Space


H.L. Hunley and H.L. Hunley exhibit at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center

CIDA Reflects on 10 Years in Business

Recently, Channel Islands Dive Adventures (CIDA) of Oxnard, California celebrated its 10thanniversary in business: helping scuba explorers and their friends and families organize trips to some of the most stellar dive locales in southern California and around the world.

CMEPS Halifax Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals

This report summarizing some of the highlights of the Halifax conference. It is written from the perspective of a conservationist attending a science conference.

Seacows in a Snapshot: The Works of David Schrichte

When scuba explorers and marine enthusiasts think Florida, imagery of manatees often comes to the forefront. Naturally peaceful and inquisitive creatures, manatees have captivated the hearts of countless people the world over; and despite their polarizing facial features, have inhabited the imaginations of lovelorn seafarers throughout the centuries. Listed as threatened under the United States Endangered Species Act, their future hangs in jeopardy; and thanks to media, people can connect with these animals from across the globe.

Bikini Atoll: History Unfolds from the Depths of the Ocean

The Bikini Atoll, birthplace of Godzilla, is a place where hazmat suits were once donned, and bikinis cast aside. While the name evokes tropical scenery, endless sandy beaches, and beautiful women dressed in tiny swimsuits, this is not the case.


Two physicians from Ohio, a husband and wife team, began scuba diving, raising tropical fish, studying fish behavior and ocean environmental issues. Their interest evolved into man’s penetration of the undersea. Drs. Joe and Sally Bauer researched then collected early diving inventions and historic hard hat rigs. Their collection expanded as they discovered and preserved historic diving gear, books, manuscripts and memorabilia associated with ocean exploration. Collecting historic dive equipment became their passion.

Inspiration in Scuba: Creating, Crafting, Empowering One Girl at a Time

by Selene Muldowney Inspiration comes in many forms and we often find ourselves consumed with seeking it. Make no mistake, being a learner and watching what others do leads to greater success as you find your inspiration and motivation in the work and success of others. This type of...

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