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We have all been told, when going outside into the sun, to slather our skin with sunscreen. It is agreed, nobody wants to have skin cancer or heaven forbid, wrinkles. But, are we, in an effort to save our skin, perhaps harming our bodies and also destroying the coral reefs we all enjoy?

Basic Skills: Changing Plans – Flexibility and how it Affects Your...

Flexibility can be highly beneficial or put them into unnecessarily dangerous situations. When the dive plans change to involve an easier site or less challenging conditions, the new diver can take the opportunity to work on skills and improve them. A change to a significantly deeper or higher current site may result in them seeing a test beyond their abilities that causes an accident.To avoid getting into trouble, they should take an honest look at the entire dive and at themselves. Following this, they need to be frank with buddies, shops, guides, and operations, and when called for, insist on a less risky dive. To not do so may pacify others but this activity is not about pacification. It’s about staying safe and staying alive. Flexibility in planning is not going along to get along. It’s about being able to adapt to changes in an intelligent way that does not pose additional risk to the diver or the divers buddies.


October is a month that bridges the residual warmth from September and the chilly conditions brought on by November. For many scuba divers, depending on locality, it marks the end of thebusy dive season: transitioning into winter before the electrified energy of diving returns full swingin spring. Florida, with its consistently balmy and warm temperatures, both above and in the waters, is a lauded destination during these colder months. REEF Fest 2019 invites visitors of all ages to celebrate all things ocean from October 17 to 20, opening warm, watery worlds within southern Florida.

It is time we stop trying to save the environment and...

Calls to save the planet and all living beings ring out across the land; alarms blaring as we watch the ice melt, the loss in biodiversity, chemical contaminations, and a planet coughing in protest. Time to look at ourselves and come to terms with the reality that the environment is not out there but within all of us. The concept of environment is challenging to humans, it implies that environment is a tangible thing apart from us and surrounding us, which is further from the truth. Humans are not isolated facets of this environment, instead we are interconnected within this environment engaging from micro cellular to viral and biological; we are the environment.

Gaining Weight While Losing Meaning over the Holidays

Article by Elizabeth Babcock, LCSW; Photos from This article is excerpted from the book, “Why We Overeat and...

Tacoma: City of Destiny

Article by Rick Stratton: Photos Courtesy Bandito Charters and Underwater Sports  Tacoma, the city of Destiny, is a hub...

Ohio Diving: History Below the Waterline from Vermillion to Ashtabula

There is a rich maritime history that lies beneath the surface of Ohio’s Lake Erie. The history associated with these shipwrecks reveals the role marine commerce played in the development of Ohio, the Great Lakes region, and our nation. The Great Lakes were once bustling with ships of all types and sizes. Lake Erie in particular was heavily traveled, as it connected the east with the mid-west at a time when railroad lines were short and roads were nonexistent. For cities like Buffalo, Cleveland and Detroit, Lake Erie was its lifeblood.

Dive Connections – Building a Community

Founded in July of 1998 and officially opened in October of the same year, Dive Connections of Charlottesville, Virginia is a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center (IDC), which provides a host of scuba diving services: bringing divers of all stripes and skill levels together.

Focus on the Fundamentals: Proper Weighting Can’t Wait

Incident data has shown that overweighting is one of the most common causes of diving accidents among new and experienced divers alike. An extra pound or two here and there may not send you to the bottom unexpectedly, but habitual overweighting is quite common, and many divers are unaware of how to properly check their weighting. Even if your weighting was perfect last year, you should take a moment to review the fundamentals and double check your weight before getting in the water this season – your dives will be safer, longer and more enjoyable for it.

LBTS and Ft. Lauderdale

When most people walk out their front door, it’s usually only as far as their driveway. Maybe they’ll walk to the mailbox on the corner, or to a neighbor to borrow a cup of milk. But for the folks in Lauderdale-by- the Sea (LBTS), a short walk takes you underwater—into the vibrant and dynamic world of South Florida’s beautiful coral reefs.
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