Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Whale of a Tale: Return to the S.S. Northern Pacific

Modest events can cast your life. I took my beginner scuba class in the late ‘60s in Rockville, Maryland with local dive club called the Atlantis Rangers. While waiting for class to start, I overheard some local divers discussing the recent discovery of two New Jersey shipwrecks. One was the S.S. Northern Pacific that sank in fire in 1922, and the other was a U.S. Navy destroyer called the Jacob Jones. The Jacob Jones was torpedoed off Cape May, New Jersey on February 28, 1942. Less than 26 years later, in 1968, two Pennsylvania divers, John Dudas and Bill Scheibel dived off the fishing party boat “Big Jim” discovering both wrecks in one day. I made a mental note that I wanted to someday also explore those wrecks. I would earn that opportunity a few years later.

Underwater Pumpkin Carving: Spooky, Spirited Scuba

With Halloween quickly approaching, scuba divers are raring and ready for one of their most favorite, and uniquely eccentric, fall activities: underwater pumpkin carving....

Remembering Bob Marx

"He went out like a true marine. He died on July Fourth with fireworks blazing overhead," David Foster said. David and Bob worked together...

U.S. Coast Guard Removes Oil from World War II Wreck Coimbra

The violence of war has taken an immeasurable toll on human civilization and has left deep scars on both the people that inhabit...

Time Concepts Unveils Shane Dorian ICON Signature Series Watch

In late July of this year, California-based innovative watch company Time Concepts, LLC launched its latest series of watches under its Szanto brand: the...

Clearwater UW Veterans Memorial Honors Service, Promotes Local Diving

By John Tapley; photos courtesy Heyward Mathews On August 5, scuba divers, members of the Pinellas County community, and...

A Guide to Spotting Australasia’s Marine Wildlife Using Migration Patterns

If you are hoping to see a particular animal in their natural habitat on your next visit to the ocean, it is...

Vintage Scuba – The “SCUBASYSTEM” Hard-Shell BCD

Hi guys, Alex Peirce with Vintage Scuba! Today we’re going to talk about hard-shell buoyancy compensating systems. There were other hard-shell systems developed around the same time but they weren’t the same… relatively similar in that they had a hard shell on the back. They’re reminiscent of the Silent World if you remember Jacques Cousteau’s movie – the guys wore that slick plastic case on their back, which was a cover for three little tanks.

Tech Tips: Flex Hose or Swivel – Which is Best?

Hey guys, Alec Peirce Tech Tips here at Scuba 2000 in Toronto – beautiful dive store! This tech tip is...

WSA Reflects on 2019, Projects Strong Future for Washington Water Projects

The Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA) has been making waves throughout Washington State with a fresh outlook going forward and stronger relationships with...
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