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Evolution of Masks – Part 1

In this article I want to concentrate on masks. Masks, in my opinion, is the single most important piece of equipment you’ll...

Tanks: Proper Filling

I’ve said this before: that air is so important underwater. Today I’m going to show you how to fill a scuba tank...

What Is It?

What Is It? Do you know what this odd piece of scuba diving equipment is? If so,...

Basic Training: New Gear

By James Lapenta This month’s column is about that new gear that many of you may have received...

Dive Longer, Dive Safer – Know Your Nitrox

When you’ve spent hundreds of hours preparing for your dream dive, travelling to a new destination, or hoping to see that elusive...

Action, Education, Research: The Texas Lionfish Control Unit

By John Tapley; photos courtesy Texas Lionfish Control Unit For years, waters along the southeastern United States have been besieged...

Florida Dive Connection Launches 2018 Gear Demo Series

When divers go deep, the absolute splendor of underwater exploration comes to the fore: past shorelines and shallow lakes, divers thrill in discovering reaches that few people have even dreamed of.

The Treasures of Lake Mohave

The southwestern United States has had a longstanding relationship with adventure: the rugged tales of the Wild West; Vegas’s shiny, but often seedy history; and America’s favorite highway, Route 66, with its myriad attractions and roadside oddities. This legacy carries into the region’s waterways, and to this day, many treasures and experiences still lie in wait beneath the waters. Lake Mohave, bordering the tip of southeastern Nevada and western Arizona, is a unique place that inhabits this thrilling spirit.

An Intimate Exploration of Greenland

Iceland and Greenland lie across from each other separated at the closest point by only a few hundred miles of the tempestuous waters of the Denmark Straight in the southern part of the Arctic Ocean. They are relatively close and yet so very different from each other. According to Norwegian legend, the Vikings tried to deceive their enemies and conceal their true location by reporting that they had landed on a new island that was cold and icy and that a nearby island was lush and green. Because of this, the habitable green island of Iceland assumed its current name while Greenland, covered in glacial ice, received its perplexing name. 

Tacoma Ocean Fest: Celebrate, Learn, Protect

Held on the internationally- celebrated World Oceans Day weekend, Ocean Fest is a free festival at the Foss Waterway Seaport that features local and international artists, filmmakers, musicians, dancers and even an aerialist to highlight the beauty and fragility of the ocean and its creatures – especially those in the Salish Sea/Puget Sound.
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