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Big Dives in the Bluegrass State

Bordered between seven states, and straddling the lines between Midwest and southeast, Kentucky is a state known for many iconic features. Kentucky gave to the world the legendary boxing champion and activist Mohammed Ali; Colonel Harland Sanders and his closely guarded blend of 11 herbs and spices; Louisville Sluggers; Ale 8; legendary pioneer Daniel Boone. It’s a land formed and tempered by adventures of all sorts: connected by a trailblazing spirit, which still inhabits its sun-dappled foothills.

Minnesota Science Group Unveils the Mysteries of Sponges

Porous, amorphous, and harmless, sponges have been an integral part of Earth’s evolutionary system since their primordial beginnings hundreds of millions of years ago. Despite popular understanding, not all sponges are bound to pineapples under the tropical sea: from polar climes to brackish junctions to enclosed freshwater environments, sponges have spread throughout the entire globe. Freshwater types make up nearly 240 known species with 31 of these residing in North America; and a closer look reveals five types within Minnesota’s waterways. Monitoring, categorizing, and testing these specimens is the Minnesota Freshwater Sponge Project, which in recent months, has had great success confirming valuable findings of the past – and may be on to new discoveries in the future.

Nova Scotia: The Crown Jewel of Eastern Canada

Situated on northeastern Canada’s coastline, Nova Scotia is one of the country’s most stunningly beautiful provinces: with rolling hills, verdant forests, tranquil rivers, and a vibrant community sharped by maritime history, it’s no small wonder where “New Scotland” gets its namesake. Nova Scotia is a playground for shipwreck enthusiasts, a shining beacon for maritime historians, and a wonderland for anyone seeking adventures both rustic and cosmopolitan. And with 4,660 miles of coastline, and nearly 4,000 small islands, the crown jewel of eastern Canada offers exploration and adventure in all flavors.

The Scuba Sports Club’s Annual (2017) : Sojourn to The Explorers...

Every year before Thanksgiving The Explorers Club in Manhattan holds a full-day convocation called “Sea Stories” for those interested in marine history/archeology, technology, film-making, exploration, marine biology/fishery management-- and exciting places to travel and watery things-to-do! This year Sea Stories was held on Saturday, November 11th. Over the years many spellbinding presentations have been enjoyed by those lucky enough to attend. This year was no different, and each presenter and presentation held special draw for us!

Missouri: Serious Fun in America’s Gateway to the Great Outdoors

Adventure awaits the eager explorer in Missouri as the natural world shines on her beauty. Missouri beckons the adventurer with everything from bustling city life to underwater caves filled with mysterious pasts. This Midwestern state, covered by grassy plains and the forested Ozark Mountains boasts an incredible array of outdoor activities whether hiking, biking, or just taking in the breathtaking scenery.

‘Tis the Season of Merriment and a Time to Pay It...

The spirit of the season is really a spirit of love, generosity, and kindness. It illuminates a picture into our souls and hearts as we take pause in our busy lives and remember the people around us. It is a time for reflection.

Basic Training: Boat Diving Basics

This month let’s take a look at some basic boat diving tips from your Open Water class, along with some that have been gained through experience. Some of which, at the time, were embarrassing but offered a valuable lesson down the road.

Florida’s Perfect Environmental Storm: The Complex Balance of Biodiversity and Sustainability

In biblical terms, many scholars believe the Nile river ‘turning into a river of blood’ as described by Exodus is actually a red tide.

Saying goodbye is the beginning of saying hello to a new...

December marks the end of the year as we say goodbye to 2018 and consider everything we have accomplished. Did the year seem to pass in a flash?

CMEPS Halifax Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals

This report summarizing some of the highlights of the Halifax conference. It is written from the perspective of a conservationist attending a science conference.
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