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Cape Ann: From Shallow to Deep

By Selene Muldowney and John Tapley Hugging northern Massachusetts Bay in New England, Cape Ann, Massachusetts is a...

The Divearium: An Evolution in Quarry Diving

Originally conceived in 2013, the Divearium “combines a diver training site and an underwater fauna and flora gallery/museum within a partially simulated aquarium environment”. Ultimately, it will serve as a multi-purpose facility where scuba divers will be able to learn and practice their skills while exploring an underwater venue unlike anything else they have experienced

South Africa: From Sharks to Rhinos

Situated just a few miles south of the small fishing village of Gansbaai we found ourselves immersed in the cool waters of Shark Alley. The narrow rocky inlet was far from a traditional harbor and while its mouth looked distinctly treacherous we were assured it was safe. This narrow channel of water that runs between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock is home to some 50,000 Cape fur seals and consequently a favored snack for the Great White Sharks looking for their next meal. Arguably the most feared animal in the ocean, Great Whites have gained notoriety as silent predators weighing in at over 6000 pounds and reaching up to 22 feet in length. These prehistoric creatures can rip apart prey using powerful jaws armed with hundreds of serrated teeth.

Utah: A State of Mind

Utah is far from just being another state, her curves sculptured by wind, water, and time. Her landscapes perfect for outdoor adventures, land perfected by time, nature beckoning the spirit to wander and explore. She is a state of mind. She is a place where memories are forged, her geological features draw both locals and visitors on land and beneath the watering holes.
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