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A Slice of Heaven on Earth: God’s Pocket says Goodbye and Welcomes With Open Arms

Gods Pocket Resort - overlook image

by Andrew Pierzchala

As we welcome the new owners of God’s Pocket Resort, we want to say thank you to Annie Ceschi and Bill Weeks for their passion and love for God’s Pocket and their guests – we wish them the best in a peaceful and adventurous retirement.

The planning took months, the vast amounts of traveling it took to get there could be considered an adventure of its own, but all of that would be worthwhile when I arrived at the beautiful, quaint paradise that is God’s Pocket Resort. It all started with a flight to Vancouver Airport, from there I saw a couple different routes to take; I could rent a car, take couple different ferry rides, and enjoy the beautiful scenic drive up Vancouver Island to Port Hardy. Or I could hop on a smaller flight from VancouverAirport straight to Port Hardy – quick and easy. Upon arrival at Port Hardy I sit with anticipation for the charter boat, The Hurst Isle, to swoop me and 12 other guests up and take us onour final travel stretch to the resort.

The charter boat arrives taking us through the Queen Charlotte Strait – waterways enchanted with greenery, life, and beautiful seascapes. Finally, the boat pulls up to that little slice of Heaven on Earth – we have arrived at God’s Pocket. It is easy to describe the resort – it only consists of three main buildings, two private cabins, and a couple of small utility buildings. Two of the main buildings are set up with four side-by-side rooms with three- piece bathrooms, each room equipped for two guests. Off of one of the buildings is a small common room for guests to spend whatever spare time they may have watching TV, reading books, or playing games. The third main building is a dining room where all the guests get together and share stories while enjoying a family-style meal together. The resort has two small, private cabins for guests for an extra cost. Amazing waters, beautiful scenery, peace and tranquility, a cozy little place to escape your day-to-day life in the crazy world – God’s Pocket Resort.

Bill and Annie put their heart and soul into this resort – if there were flaws, they corrected them. If there were upgrades to be done, they pushed through till they were finished. They took a small family operated resort and turned it into a scuba diver’s paradise.

“You will not be disappointed and one thing is for sure Bill and Annie Weeks along with their staff and crew will do everything they can to make you feel like family,” said Ken Kollwitz of Channel Islands Dive Adventures, on his website.

When people arrived at God’s Pocket Bill and Annie slipped out of their “Owner” shoes and became your family and friends. As we wish Bill and Annie a flourishing future, we welcome the new owners, Claus Eckbo, Antione Moret and Yolaine Cabana. Their plan is to take this resort and add even more to what Bill and Annie wanted and planned. Eckbo, Moret and Cabana are taking August 2018 to familiarize themselves with the operations of the resort, but God’s Pocket will be back to their normal operations during September 2018.

Bill and Annie say goodbye in style

A Final Note From Bill and Annie:

First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude for all the years of support that we have received from you. You have been like family to us and brought us great joy, excitement, inspiration, love, care, friendship and of course the odd headache. Thank you. Really, thank you so much. It has been agreat run of 20 years. We are now finished with God’s Pocket and are looking forward to handing over the keys to three very excited people. They are working hard in the background to put together a very solid crew for a seamless transition of owners. It is important to them that you experience similarquality that God’s Pocket has offered over theyears. So, we would like to introduce, Claus Eckbo, Antione Moret and Yolaine Cabana.

Their plan is to take possession of God’s Pocket Aug 9, 2018. They intend to use the remainder of August to familiarizethemselves with all the workings on and offthe water. Once they are acclimated andconfident, they intent to begin operating atfull capacity beginning Sept 1, 2018.

As you may remember, when we purchased God’s Pocket 20 years ago, we were told that we had ‘big boots to fill’. We are verygrateful that you gave us the opportunity to show you what we were capable of. We do hope you do the same for the new owners. We do plan to keep in touch. You never know how paths will cross again in the future. Feel free to shoot us an email to say hi.

More info: Godspocket.com